Friday, October 31, 2008

My Friend is a Bitch

A story from an old forum at the internet talks about friendship, love, relationship, and marriage. One thread entitled as: "My friend is a Bitch" really caught my attention.

A girl who lives in Southern Philippines named as Jenny. She is 19 years old, studying in college and has a boyfriend who really loves her so much. His name is John aged 28 years old. This guy lives in Manila and worked as a CEO in a big time company. I don't really believe about cyber relationship. But this couple stayed for almost 8 months. They spend each other through cellphone, instant messenger, or even at the internet. I dunno how they develop as lovers.

Jenny who have a childhood friend named as Clarette already transferred in Manila because her parents who had been working in Canada told her to do so. Whenever Jenny have a problem about their relationship with his boyfriend, she keeps intouch with her old friend.

I wonder that guy doesnt have the chance to see Jenny in person but still he loves her. @_@ On the otherhand, Jenny doesnt really want her bf to go to their place because she keeps excusing about their family problem.

It's really funny to hear those kind of relationship =) I wonder.. Really. I guess.. ;)

Oh anyway, the thread starter was Clarette. She is the one who told the story of this two couple.

To summarize the story:
Jenny has so many friends at their place, she keeps many secrets to John. Thus, teh guy doesnt know anything what Jenny do. Still, John is sooo stupid loving Jenny. Sounds funny huh? ;)

One very night. John called Jenny's friend about his situation. Clarette already gave advices which make John hurt although he needs to do it for the sake of his stupidity in the relationship. hahaha! funny.

Who is now a bitch?

Jenny who tell so many lies, who keeps so many secrets, who always excuse for nothing.


Clarette who is so very patient, very understanding, who gives so many good advices.. but she cheated her friend Jenny. Have sex with John

A very sad story.

..They were both Bitch.

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