Thursday, October 23, 2008

Janina San Miguel Interview with Mo Twister

Thanks to Ruby:

Mo Twister: So Janina, how does it feel to win Ms. World?

Janina: Thanks Mo. I feel confidence.

Mo: So, where will the Ms. World Pageant going to be held?

Janina: Uhhm I still don't know... uhmm sorry, I'm not good in Geometry......

Mo: Baby doll, that would be geography.

Janina: ahaha, uhmmm yeah

Mo: So where is it going to be held.

Janina: I hope its somewhere in Europa because I want to go to France.

Mo: I see.

Janina: I want to learn to speak

Mo: Uhmmm that would be French. The language in France? ok, Never mind.

Janina: Ah ok. I thought France is the mmm... Mcdo? You know Fries?

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