Monday, October 27, 2008

List of Girl E-Gamers Group

Zhu Xian Online PH

Aphrodites: This name came from the Goddess of Love ~ Aphrodite.
ZXOnline whose theme is all about Romance, Passion, Love, and Marriage enrich the Ladies to come at the rendezvous temple.
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Women of Nevareth: Named by the foundress of the cluster.
Veradrix who is the 8th Sage that is responsible for conveying the orders of the other Sages had a vision to form another cluster in Nevareth. She had a conference with the three feme member (Yuan, Rin and Arionell) of the investigation committee at Port Lux to discuss about the Women of Nevareth.
Since the role of women in combat has become an issue throughout CABAL. With the current expulsion of women from many combative roles seen by some as a form of sexual discrimination, this controversy resumes to rage. Many CABALists refer to physical and mental diverse of the two sexes, the effect of the presence of the opposite sex on the nation war, and the usual view of males as case both for and against women participating under war. Thus, their idea of having women in defending their own sage should be recognized. During their discussions, set of rules, code of conduct, and other revisions about the cluster has been created.

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RAN Online PH

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Granado Espada

A Tribute for the Ladies: Created by our former GECM Veya.
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Supreme Destiny

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