Friday, October 17, 2008

Waiting for nothing

This is my letter to the company who made me stupid. =)

To whom it may concern:

This is Camille G. Layugan with Applicant No. I000 - 578829 - 7761.

I would like to know the result of my application because yesterday (October 16, 2008) I was able to pass the two exam given by your company then proceed to the final interview and in simulation.

However, my interviewer said that she will call me back that night and she also reminded me that my contact numbers should be open. So I did.

Up until now, I'm still waiting to her call.

I hope your Human Resource Department would be more upfront when it comes to dealing with applicants.

I do not appreciate having my time wasted by waiting for a phone call that they have promised, and not getting that call.

I have exercised all means to ensure that the call would get through, yet I did not receive any.

I would appreciate some transparency in letting me know whether I was accepted or not so that I would not be wasting my time and looked like stupid waiting for a call that may really never come.

God Bless!

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