Friday, October 3, 2008

Must know the Pieces of ME

My name is Camille (obviously)..
When I was in High School, I become a dumb Features and Literary Editor. There are many unfair things that I have had encountered in my life every now and then ~
Some of these scenarios are those people who think that they are superior enough:
The "Overlearned" geeks and the "Infamous MeanGirls".

Many people are ashamed of being what they are. They try to adopt other culture just to say "Heyah! I'm unique ~ Can't you see me?". My perceptions in life is very simple. I just live in the world where I learned how to know more of myself, get along with different kinds of people and most of all how to love unconditionally.

I'm a Geminian. This is a fact about myself:
"You are a contradiction in many ways but people love being around you, You clever and witty girl! Hardly anything worries you or keeps you quiet -- You just love to gab! But people don't rely on you for much. They know that with your many talents, you just can't seem to decide on almost anything! You love expressing yourself, abhor boredom, and have strong opinions that are usually right -- but girl, you just keep changing your mind!

I'm not an Anti-Christ or even hail harlots.

They said, Opportunity comes "once" in a lifetime and Expect to the UNExpected.
~ Hell Yeah. Sometimes what we expect more is inversely proportional to the thoughts of what we were trying to happen next. Luckily, I just become one of the Intel Computer Clubhouse Ambassador. Take note, I'm a representative of our country to attend for a 2006 Teen Summit Conference. It is a gathering of youth from different Computer Clubhouses worldwide and takes place in Boston, MA every two years.

In that experience, I learned alot about Technology. The advanced stuffs about Robotics although it's complicated to learn being an Uber Noob :-)
Museum Of Science has a strong impact to my careeer when I had the chance to interact with those Bigtime Scientists, Incredible Engineers, Stunning Programmers, Developers, and other Professionals. From that Opportunity, little by little my dream career developed. I wished to study in Massachussetts Institute of Technology (MIT).

...and some said, Dreams are not true, they are just the second dimension of your daily routine =(

As time goes by, I became weak. I dunno why. When I dreamed to be like this or that, ~ somebody bothers me alot.
Oh Psychotic Camill :D

Well, too much talk! Behind of being cheerful, friendly and talkative, - the darkest side of my soul is too painful. I am lost to the world and have been hurt more than one time you might not think that there is a god or even somone who cares but there is ad least one that will be you need to find that person and don't give up hope.

Once I was fall in love more than I do to myself. My way of thinking become deviating. I dont know why is this happening to me..

I can't blame someones pasts even it hurts me lot but acceptance is the best answer. My patience is too long and I can still handle it although it rips my heart out.

Being beautiful or fascinating is not being famous or well respected, it is something deeper than that.
Whores? Bitches? Sluts? - They are immature and dont deserve in this world.

That's all folks.

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