Saturday, September 13, 2008


Before reading this one, it was already posted on my multiply account and this is an old blog post.

Many people didnt know what they were saying. Akala nila palagi nalang tamaang nasa isip nila pero hindi naman. Like my experience this f*cking day,I'm trying to defend my reputation as well as my dignity. I'm a girl - yes!exactly. - I know. But then, he didn't understand my rights as a woman. Hekeeps bragging out that I'm a (wannabe) or (assuming). Mygosh! Ifthat so, I should be a f*cking popular azshole.I'm just sitting here infront of my computer; surfing the net for myassignments, listening random music at my limewire, and nothing else. Butthen, that person keeps bragging me all over and over again that I'm a(low profile). Gosh! I'm not selling my friendster either. I'm just makingmy own profile, adding friends, and if theres an update to my old alumniclassmates -ask them (kamusta ka na? san ka study?) duh. I think it's notasking friends to buy my profile. lol

Have you encountered getting angry? I think we're all human and it's naturalto put words against them. You cannot control it because your feelings were opposed by the other.Another thing is that, giving an appreciation in other genre doesntmean you are in that scene. You're just giving an appraisal coz of it'scontent, you were impressed, or maybe you can relate, and the like. Speakingof the "fat ass gothic wannabe" im not affected. I know that those wordsstrikes my emotions but then, it's not a mere fact that I should take it seriously. I'm living in this material world and free to experience everything.What else? there are so many things that are being misunderstood and notclarified. Bwisit! Maraming namamatay sa (maling akala) at lalo naman sa (maling pananaw). Iba na tlga ngayun, maraming bumabaligtad sa mundo.

1. Ikaw na nga tong nagmamahal ng tunay- ikaw pa ang dapat masaktan ng todo;
2. Ikaw na nga nagsasabi ng totoo - ikaw pa ang mali bandang huli;
3. Ikaw na nga tong nagpapakatotoo - ikaw pa yungsasabihang plastik/hypocryte or what;
4. Ikaw na nga tong nagk-clear ng usapan para maintindihan - ikaw pa ang malabo;
5. Ikaw na nga ang dumidipensa para sa dapat - ikaw pa tong inaapi;
6. Ikaw na nga yung bumababa or nagpapakababa - ikaw pa ang sasabihan maangas;
7. Ikaw na nga yung inaaway - ikaw pa yung hindi papasalitain or bigyan manlang ikaw ng time na mag- voice out;
8. Ikaw na nga tong umiiyak dahil sa sakit na naramdaman mo - ikaw pa yung sasabihang kunwari ang luha mo!;
9. Ikaw na nga tong ininsulto - ikaw pa yung walang karapatan;
10. Last but not the least, Ako nalang palagi masama, hindi manlang ako binibigyan ng chances.

Everything in this world isMISUNDERSTOOD.

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