Saturday, May 2, 2009

Animal Cruelty~

I can't take this anymore!! First, there was a rumor about animal killers; Second, there was a blog entry written by Rico last April 2009 about John Conrad Candare, Self-Proclaimed “Cat Serial Killer”, Online; Third, Campaigns from concerned people; and now... When I was watching "Jessica Soho Reports", animal cruelty became the topic. lol.

There are lots of Animal Haters aside from John Conrad Candare... However, According to some experts, the reasons behind violent acts against animals goes way back in a person's time line. A 21-year old guy named "Mike" is an example, who suffered a great deal of child abuse years ago. Killing animals was his way of getting revenge to what his parents did to him when he was still a kid.

"A community who is devoted to animals.. is a community with providence."

Anyways, if we really have problems and we can't resist on it.. dang! don't fucking take revenge tru experimenting animals.. We're like them... We're also created by God as his instrument in this world.

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