Saturday, April 18, 2009

Shifting Technology... LOL

I'm surfing at the internet about different web layouts, ideas about web designing, sort of scripts and other graphics designs. It all started everytime Alodia Gosienfiao always share her pictures at plurk; her cosplay, digital arts at her Deviant and etc.. When I was about to hit her YouTube account, one thing feeds my curiosity on her "Favorites" Section... the Extreme (Photoshop) Makeover.

Here's the embeded video:

See how the professional photographers and designers show the photo retouching process in detail? It really matches the suspense background music. hahaha. Hmmm.. Anyways, this is what technology can do these days, espcecially the use of "bonggacious" Software of Photoshop. LOL.

In the midst of my Computer Engineering course, I felt the unwanted calling of shifting my arduous course into leisurely curriculum. Awwww. I love digital arts, web designing and graphics animation. This is the origin of my talent way back Intel Computer Clubhouse days. Uhmmm... Last night, when I finished writing a blog regarding to my doctoral degree in EE Subject, my brain drools a lot. Up until now, I'm deeply suffering in the state of confusion. Hahahaha!

If I would let myself shift MMA today, my 3 yrs of Engineering had been a waste of money into nothing. Dang! If we have lots of money, I can shift it right now... as easy as I can.. but the problem is, we don't have it... MMA is way expensive just like FA; the difference is that one uses technology and the other one uses the manual way of art. LOL.

Sorry.. I've been soooooo morphing lately. Aw~

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