Saturday, April 18, 2009

Bum Student

There are tons of barrels that bothers me a lot. First, I'm a bum ass engineering student which definitely leads my way into nothing. I don't know why my brain became slack during my college days. A confession that I may share... I'm holding doctoral degree in Electrical Engineering Theory I (Lecture and Laboratoryry) subject. How was that? Oh well... Yeah.. I had taken this subject for the heck in 3rd round and so, this one needs turbine to push up the next level.

I have to spend my summer time tru summer class... fuck that... I don't really know what was the problem in this subject. If a student receives a grade of 65, that means they were NOT TOTALLY studying the subject at all; they freak with bad vices; not attending classes and most of all... their brain is rotten. LOL. Now, I got this grade flat for the whole semester in my Bachelors Degree.. Dang! That was toooooooo awful! The grading system is consistent as well as the professor. Ok. This really sucks.. I know you were thinking that I'm totally BUM Student. No Brain at all.

For my Masteral Degree in this subject.. I felt an excitement that this time, I'll pass this weird subject. Dang! I still got 65, 67, 72 and 73 for Prelims and Midterms. Gawdy! Who the hell has the fucking problem?! This one really moshes my feet.

Now, the Second iritating problem, is that, my friend that I thought she's for real during the delighted days of my life pealed off her real and intimidating skin. We all failed in the subject and it burns our heart out. Now, the issue: "After all the things that you had done. Still... It's effortless.. In the end, they will leave you behind the creep."

I don't want to argue about this one because it happened already. One fucked and freak AdU Classmate told me: "TANGGAPIN MO NA KASI NA BAGSAK KA!"

How would you feel about this one?
What if you say: "Sama mo naman ako sa letter nio"
Reply: "Hindi ka pwede! Kami lang pinayagan! Pagalitan pa kami..."

Ok. Did the witch at the department told that you-- two lassies of stupidity were the only one who have the privilege to discern your preproducted grades?

How selfish and self proclaimed passers you guys are..
Shame on you!
Users. Pretenders. Freaks and Torpedo Bonds.
Whatever it takes... Karma is roaming on the cross roads.

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