Friday, October 31, 2008

My Friend is a Bitch

A story from an old forum at the internet talks about friendship, love, relationship, and marriage. One thread entitled as: "My friend is a Bitch" really caught my attention.

A girl who lives in Southern Philippines named as Jenny. She is 19 years old, studying in college and has a boyfriend who really loves her so much. His name is John aged 28 years old. This guy lives in Manila and worked as a CEO in a big time company. I don't really believe about cyber relationship. But this couple stayed for almost 8 months. They spend each other through cellphone, instant messenger, or even at the internet. I dunno how they develop as lovers.

Jenny who have a childhood friend named as Clarette already transferred in Manila because her parents who had been working in Canada told her to do so. Whenever Jenny have a problem about their relationship with his boyfriend, she keeps intouch with her old friend.

I wonder that guy doesnt have the chance to see Jenny in person but still he loves her. @_@ On the otherhand, Jenny doesnt really want her bf to go to their place because she keeps excusing about their family problem.

It's really funny to hear those kind of relationship =) I wonder.. Really. I guess.. ;)

Oh anyway, the thread starter was Clarette. She is the one who told the story of this two couple.

To summarize the story:
Jenny has so many friends at their place, she keeps many secrets to John. Thus, teh guy doesnt know anything what Jenny do. Still, John is sooo stupid loving Jenny. Sounds funny huh? ;)

One very night. John called Jenny's friend about his situation. Clarette already gave advices which make John hurt although he needs to do it for the sake of his stupidity in the relationship. hahaha! funny.

Who is now a bitch?

Jenny who tell so many lies, who keeps so many secrets, who always excuse for nothing.


Clarette who is so very patient, very understanding, who gives so many good advices.. but she cheated her friend Jenny. Have sex with John

A very sad story.

..They were both Bitch.

Monday, October 27, 2008

List of Girl E-Gamers Group

Zhu Xian Online PH

Aphrodites: This name came from the Goddess of Love ~ Aphrodite.
ZXOnline whose theme is all about Romance, Passion, Love, and Marriage enrich the Ladies to come at the rendezvous temple.
For more info ~ link it here:


Women of Nevareth: Named by the foundress of the cluster.
Veradrix who is the 8th Sage that is responsible for conveying the orders of the other Sages had a vision to form another cluster in Nevareth. She had a conference with the three feme member (Yuan, Rin and Arionell) of the investigation committee at Port Lux to discuss about the Women of Nevareth.
Since the role of women in combat has become an issue throughout CABAL. With the current expulsion of women from many combative roles seen by some as a form of sexual discrimination, this controversy resumes to rage. Many CABALists refer to physical and mental diverse of the two sexes, the effect of the presence of the opposite sex on the nation war, and the usual view of males as case both for and against women participating under war. Thus, their idea of having women in defending their own sage should be recognized. During their discussions, set of rules, code of conduct, and other revisions about the cluster has been created.

Official Website:
E-Games Thread:
Official Forum:

RAN Online PH

Official Website:

Granado Espada

A Tribute for the Ladies: Created by our former GECM Veya.
Official Site:

Supreme Destiny

Official Site:

Other Online Games:

How To Mend a Broken Heart

This is for my friends who lost somebody. I got this one at:

Anyone who has gone through a breakup or divorce and has come out the other side with a broken heart, knows what we are talking about.

It can be a very painful experience!

One of the ways to help yourself to feel better and actually heal from a breakup or divorce is to begin to listen to what you are telling yourself. In other words, pay attention to your “self talk.”

We all talk to ourselves all of the time and this is what we calling 'self talk.' These thoughts come and go in our minds and they can either help us go through life with relative ease or struggling at every step of the way.

In our experience, this 'self talk' can either keep you stuck in the past--mulling over what went wrong or what you should have done differently--or stuck in the future--worrying about what might happen at some point down the road.

Or 'self talk' can help you to stay in the present moment, dealing practically with what's happening right now, and move powerfully and positively into your future.

One of the best kept secrets is that you can change your thoughts. Believe it or not, many people learn how to do it.

Here are 5 ways to change 'self talk' to help you ease your pain from your breakup or divorce...

  1. Become aware of what you are telling yourself. Believe it or not, our houghts are habits that we've created along the way. For instance, there's the "guilt" set of thoughts, the "worry" set of thoughts, the "fear" set of thoughts, the "I'm always going to be alone" set of thoughts, the "nothing's wrong" set of thoughts or the "sunny outlook" set of thoughts--you get the idea.

    If you want to begin healing your pain, start paying attention to your particular set of thoughts. You might even give them a name. Maybe you've not had these thoughts until your breakup or maybe they've been with you for a long time. Whichever is the case, just begin noticing what thoughts roll through your mind.

  2. Once you have become aware of your thoughts, decide the thoughts that make you feel better, easier about your situation and those that don't. Take a legal pad or notebook and at the top of the page, make 2 columns with these headings: "Feel better" and "Feel Worse."

    Keep the legal pad or notebook where you can easily reach it. As thoughts come to you, write them down under one of those two categories. Do this long enough for you to see on paper, your patterns of thinking that are either helping you or pulling you down.

  3. Identify one reoccurring thought or pattern that is bringing you pain and make the commitment to yourself to change it. Write your commitment down and post it where you'll see it often.

    It could go something like this...

    "I commit to changing my thoughts about how alone I am right now. I may not be with a partner right now but I don't have to constantly remind myself."

  4. Chose a thought that is better. Taking our example, this thought is probably not going to be that you are completely joyful, are with your perfect partner, or feel completely satisfied with your current situation.

    It may be that a better thought is that when a thought comes up about how alone you are, you change that thought to "I can call Bonnie or Carol and either talk with them or arrange to go to dinner or a movie."

  5. Practice in each moment and break your habit. Have you ever broken a habit? It takes being aware of what you are doing and then making a change in the moment. Your thought pattern is a habit and can be changed--but you have to believe the thought that you are changing to--and you have to practice it.

If feeling better is important to you, this is valuable information that will help you to move forward in your healing process from your breakup or divorce.

Sunday, October 26, 2008

Bheibee Jerome ;)

Oh! I really mish mah bheibee...

Hope to see you ~ really misshh you..

Saturday, October 25, 2008

@_@ Drools

Yesterday, I went to sleep at 4am just to finish the Website for Zarah's Project Retail. They need it at their defense at The Coffee Beanery ~Edsa Shangrila by 1:30pm. Well, I'm still sleeping at 12:30noon when Zarah and my mom woke me up.

Oheemgee.. I'm shtill shleeffy.. She told me to wake up and take a bath so that I will accompany her at the said venue. But then, the time is already late and she need to fetch her classmate at Markina. ~ So, I'll just follow her at Coffee Beanery coz she have to go.

After all the happenings at the Shangrila, Zarah and I went to SM Megamall to buy her boyfriend's brother a CD at Comic Alley. Unfortunatelly, it's out of stock. So we have to go back at Shangrila and walk (ooh! our feet is aching lol) coz her Car is in Valet.

However, we bought foods at Jollibee and take it out. =) huhuhuhu.

We reached our home sweet home.. up until now, I'm still tired ;) Whatever. @_@

Thursday, October 23, 2008

Janina San Miguel Interview with Mo Twister

Thanks to Ruby:

Mo Twister: So Janina, how does it feel to win Ms. World?

Janina: Thanks Mo. I feel confidence.

Mo: So, where will the Ms. World Pageant going to be held?

Janina: Uhhm I still don't know... uhmm sorry, I'm not good in Geometry......

Mo: Baby doll, that would be geography.

Janina: ahaha, uhmmm yeah

Mo: So where is it going to be held.

Janina: I hope its somewhere in Europa because I want to go to France.

Mo: I see.

Janina: I want to learn to speak

Mo: Uhmmm that would be French. The language in France? ok, Never mind.

Janina: Ah ok. I thought France is the mmm... Mcdo? You know Fries?

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Don't FOOL

My besfriend in high school ~ visited me here at my home sweet home. At the same time, I made her a Corporate Website for their retail business proposal.

While doing some stuffs on my computer; I scared her @ PeterAnswers, let her watch Tales of Terror - (Full Length Mirror) and let her sing the Jingle Bell Reversed.

Until we talked about our memories in High School ~ teh stupidity ~ teh flirts ~ teh bullies ~ teh wannabes ~ teh genious ~ teh teacher's pet ~ teh rumors ~ et cetera .

Focusing to one person; A girl who always escape for everthing just to cover her real identity. Brags everything about herself ~ Laugh at people ~ feels like a meangirl . I wonder there are many students who hate her ~ some call her as a looser with a smelly and hairy armpit. whattaninsult.

As time goes by, people really change. The GOOD News: This girl changed everything physically; The BAD News: Her attitude is still the same. No more. No less.

I feel pitty to her new friends who doesn't know the real - SHE. I must say, please do not fool around. Do not hide who you really are. Don't brag alot and feel like you're the only girl who rips other hear out. Doing everything ~ Using flowery words just to escape the darkest side of yours? O_O Gosh. I know she is afraid that maybe someone will reveal her real identity that is why she uses other people and act like someone else. I know ~ I should not care. But Please I want to remind that soul to show who you really are... Don't fool around. It's a sin to lie ~ a sin to God ~ a sin to yourself ~ a sin for everything.

Time will come. You'll pay.

Sunday, October 19, 2008

Adventures at E-Games

This is the story:

(Meeting Place) - We decided to meet at Activity Center @ Glorietta exactly at 12noon

~ Nemesis is in a hurry coz she thought that she is LATE :D
~ Nemesis arrived exactly 12noon at the said meeting place
~ zAYTie arrived 12:30noon
~ Nemesis and zAYTie txtd Carolski and Tarhata
~ Carolski replied back becoz her bf fetched her at her work (may date sila)
~ Tarhata at Libis to withdraw :D
~ zAYTie and Nemesis went to Taxi Station @ Landmark and wait for Tarhata
~ Tarhata came late at 1:30pm
~ The Girls:
1st Nemesis
2nd zAYTie
3rd Tarhata

(At RCBC Hallway)
~ They came to RCBC Plaza at 2:00pm
~ At the Logging in Desk,
zAYTie is wondering:
"Bakit lahat kayo ang tatanda na? ages 34, 21, 28? Ako lang pala pinakabata na naglog dito.. I'm only 18 yrs old."
~ Tarhata and Nemesis were laughing at me they said:
"Ano ka ba! Mga floor levels yan, hindi yan age!"
~ At the Elevator:
naghihisterical si zAYTie: "Hala! Wlang 34th floor button!"

(At the E-Games Lobby)
~ Manong Guard asked us if we are Girl Gamers: (OBVIOUS BA MANONG?!)
~ The Lobby became soo noisy becoz of the 3 Girls
~ Signed up the Attendance
~ GM Phyreza approached us together with the 2 early comers ~> RANachic Players

(At the E-Games Conference Room)
~ We followed GM Phyreza
~ At the door of Conference Room, GM Amethy said:
"Wag kayo matakot, walang multo dito, kami lang toh.. sige na pasok kayo!"
~ While looking for our seats
CM Veya said: "Bakit kayo nagsisiksikan jan sa dulo.. dito oh.. "
~ Nemesis bravely take a seat beside GM Amethy
~ Other GMs present at the Room:
GM Faiga, GM Makadesh, GM Chromium, and GM Bane
~ While sitting, GM Bane is offering us Chicken Burgers and Mashed Potatoes :D
~ GMs said: "Kain na kayo, wag na kayo mahiya :D"
~ Tarhata and zAYTie (shy effect)
~ Nemesis bullied CM Veya with many questions :D
~ Tarhata and zAYTie (may mga sariling mundo)
~ Hiya Session >.<
~ Until GM Amethy decided to wait and merge with other batch @4pm para isahan nalang yung meeting.

(Watching Tales of Terror)
~ Then GM Amethy browsed her Laptop
~ Pinanood kami ng Tales of Terror while waiting for 4pm.
~ Ang kokorny ng mga tales.. :D hindi na sia nakakatakot. nagtatawanan lang kami

(Comfort Room)
~ Breaktime.. We went to Comfort Room together with 1 RANachic player.. Takutan session
~ The Door at the cubicle sounds scary... (eeenng)
~ While facing at the mirror, yung RANachic player dumaaan sa gilid to wash her hands.
Biglang bumukas ung drier sa gilid.. Takbuhan sa pinto
~ GM Makadesh (ginulat kami)
~ Di kami nagulat bwahahahaha
~ While at the Lobby, picture mode muna kami

(Watching again the Tales of Terror)
~ Back to the hotseats
~ GM Bane offered us again many Chicken Burgers
~ GM Bane offered again PIneapple Juice
~ GM Bane get water for Nemesis
~ Watching again funny tales of terror
~ Next tale: Full-length Mirror
~ GM Chromium napapahiga na sa upuan, nagtatago (scared) buwahahahaha
~ Halos lahat nagtatago sa upuan
~ The best part of that tale is Pokwang look-a-like :D
Must watch this one (kinuha ko sa Youtube) :
~ Nagsigawan lahat sa Conference Room buwahahahahaha!
~ GM Bane offered again Chicken Burgers

(4pm FGD)
~ FGD started - conducted by GM Amethy
~ GM and Girl Gamer interaction
~ GM Amethy and GM Phyreza vs. Nemesis (2 on 1)
~ Former CM Veya and GM Chromium vs. Tarhata and zAYTie (4 on 1 and half) hahahaha
~ GM Faiga and GM Bane vs. 3 RANachic players ( 2 on 3)
~ GM Makadesh vs 2 RANachic players (1 on 2) :D
~ Sort of Group Discussions about in-game/in-rea life
~ Individual Concerns
~ Planning about the events
~ Planning about the group name/ logo / website/ forum
~ (Serious)
~ GM Bane offers Chicken Burgers again

(After FGD)
~ Raffle (3 Hooligan Stuff Toy)
By order:
1st Round ~ the winner is Nemesis
2nd Round ~ zAYTie
3rd Round ~ Tarhata
(parang nung nag-meet lang ah) wahahahahaha!
~ Nagreklamo ang mga RANachics: "luto!"
~ Kulitan Session
~ Picturan MadnessBy order:

~ GM Bane offers Chicken Burgers again
~ Autograph Session
~ Give-away Freebies :D
~ Pictorials
~ GM Bane offers Chicken Burgers nanaman lol
~ GM Faiga namigay ng Chicken Burgers wahahahaha~ Pictorials
~ E-Games Lobby pictorials again
~ Saying buh byes

(Going Home)
~ Tarhata going to Megamall
~ zAYTie and Nemesis going to Glorietta
~ Nemesis nakipagmeet sa BF nia :D
~ zAYTie sumakay sa Makati Park Square

Something I can never have

Click here -> Something I Can Never Have Lyrics to see the full lyrics
Thank you Flyleaf band ;)

Forsaken Camille

I'm sooo uncomfortable for the past few days although yesterday I spend my day at E-Games Office ~ had fun with the Girl Gamers and GMs. I dunno. Even I hide myself being joyful ~ I really feel that I'm still broken.

I woke up at 10am, but still I'm lying on my bed. I'm starring at my small window... Thinking of someone... then closed my eyes... reminiscing our moments... openned up again my eyes... and tears fell down on my cheeks. Again, I closed my eyes and hugged my pillow.

Again, I'm currently playing FIX YOU by Coldplay over and over again. Let me share you the lyrics:

When you try your best but you don't succeed
When you get what you want but not what you need
When you feel so tired but you can't sleep
Stuck in reverse

And the tears come streaming down your face
When you lose something you can't replace
When you love someone but it goes to waste
Could it be worse?

Lights will guide you home
And ignite your bones
And I will try to fix you

And high up above or down below
When you're too in love to let it go
But if you never try you'll never know
Just watch you're worth

Lights will guide you home
And ignite your bones
And I will try to fix you

Tears stream down your face
When you lose something you cannot replace
Tears stream down your face
And I

Tears stream down your face
I promise you I will learn from my mistakes
Tears stream down your face
And I

Lights will guide you home
And ignite your bones
And I will try to fix you

Also listening depressing songs like "When you're gone by Avril Lavigne", "Somewhere by Nightwish" etc...

It seems that he is happy and doing well right now even without me. Who knows that there is really someone who deserves his love. A girl who is very understanding, open for everything, who never brags alot, who is soooooooooo sweet and who never gets mad in every way. I know that I'm not that typical girl. I'm not sweet.

I can't continue this post anymore.. coz I'm not doing well.

Saturday, October 18, 2008

21 things GIRLS DON'T Realize

21 things Girls dont realize

zOYTie (my BF) send me this chain message yesterday. I dunno what the hell he wants me to know. I'm so sad reading this kind of message and kinda depressed ayt now :D

  1. Guys may be flirting around all day, but before they go to sleep, they always think about the girl they truly care about....
  2. Guys are more emotional than you think, if they loved you at one point, it'll take them a lot longer than you think to let you go, and it hurts every second that they try.
  3. Guys go crazy over a girl's smile
  4. A guy who likes you wants to be the only guy you talk to.
  5. Giving a guy a hanging message like "You know what?..uh...nevermind.." would make him jump to a conclusion that is far from what you are thinking. And he'll assume he did something wrong and he'll obsess about it trying to figure it out.
  6. If a guy tells you about his problems, he just needs someone to listen to him. You don't need to give advice.
  7. A usual act that proves that the guy likes you is when he teases you.
  9. Guys use words like hot or cute to describe girls. They rarely use beautiful or gorgeous. If a guy uses that, he loves you or likes you a whole heck of a lot.
  10. If the guy does something stupid in front of the girl, he will think about it for the next couple days or until the next time he spends time with the girl.
  11. If a guy looks unusually calm and laid back, he's probably faking it and he is really thinking about something
  12. When a guy says he is going crazy about the girl, he really is Guys rarely say that
  13. When a guy asks you to leave him alone, he's just actually saying, "Please come and listen to me."
  14. If a guy starts to talk seriously, listen to him. It doesn't happen that often, so when it does, you know something's up.
  15. When a guy looks at you for longer than a second, he's definitely thinking something.
  16. Guys really think that girls are strange and have unpredictable decisions and are MAD confusing but somehow are drawn even more to them
  17. A guy would give the world to be able to read a girl's mind for a day.
  18. No guy can handle all his problems on his own. He's just too stubborn to admit it
  19. NOT ALL GUYS ARE RUDE!!! Just because ONE is RUDE doesn't mean he represents ALL of them.
  21. Even if you dump a guy months ago and he loved you he probably still does and if he had one wish it would be you to come back into his life

Everything said in this POST is TRUE.

I'm not requiring you Girls to REPOST this Message coz I don't believe in Chain Messages. Ok? I just want to let you know how important these things that we should realize.

Friday, October 17, 2008

Waiting for nothing

This is my letter to the company who made me stupid. =)

To whom it may concern:

This is Camille G. Layugan with Applicant No. I000 - 578829 - 7761.

I would like to know the result of my application because yesterday (October 16, 2008) I was able to pass the two exam given by your company then proceed to the final interview and in simulation.

However, my interviewer said that she will call me back that night and she also reminded me that my contact numbers should be open. So I did.

Up until now, I'm still waiting to her call.

I hope your Human Resource Department would be more upfront when it comes to dealing with applicants.

I do not appreciate having my time wasted by waiting for a phone call that they have promised, and not getting that call.

I have exercised all means to ensure that the call would get through, yet I did not receive any.

I would appreciate some transparency in letting me know whether I was accepted or not so that I would not be wasting my time and looked like stupid waiting for a call that may really never come.

God Bless!

Thursday, October 16, 2008

Scratch for you

This letter is non-sense.

"Isa lang masasabi ko. Subukan mo mag-apply ng malaman mo kung pano ang flow ng pag-aapply. wala ka kasi experience sa mga ganitong bagay. Bakit di mo subukan? Aba Hi-tech na ngaun, kaya nga may internet para makapag-apply online. At ang mga recruiting officer ang tatawag sayo mismo upang tanungin kung kailan ka available para sa interview at maging maayos ang schedule ng applicant. Mas pinili ko last batch dahil haggard kapag umaga. Mas maganda last batch para mas maayos interview/exam hindi naghahabol para sa susunod na applicant. Kung kikitirin mo utak mo, wala na tlga ako magagawa sa pinag-iisip mo. dahil hindi din naman kta mapipigilan kung ano ang iniinsist mo. bahala ka na din sa buhay mo. Hindi naman ako nagmumukhang CHEAP. ikaw. bahala ka. pumatol ka dun sa burgeran. I DONT MIND.

At hinding hindi din ako magsisisi kung pipili ka ng mga matrona, mga pampalipas. Nakalimutan ko isipin sarili ko na hindi ako CHEAP tulad ng mga iniisip mo. Ok? Bahala ka kung ayaw mo na sakin, wala akong magagawa. Basta ako, madami na nga kami problema ~ maiisipan ko pa ba maging kerengkeng? MIND YOU! Nakaka-awa ka naman sa mga pinag-sasabi mo. Tatakutin mo pa ako na papatulan mo yun? Go on. Di naman ako magmumukhang CHEAP.. Ikaw lang. Well, kahit patulan mo sila nesmarie at kung sino man ibigay ng nanay mo or tita mo. I dont care. Bahala sila.

Bakit? they can't afford ba na makuha ka nila sa New Zealand? at kailangan pa nia mag-asawa ng kanoten na malapit na mamatay para lang maging resident dun? at para makuha ka ay hahanapan ka ng sugar mommy or kana? DONT CARE. This is somewhat CHEAPEST WAY. ~ The instants, and the Matrons.

Well, kung sinungaling ako. Ok fine. Sinabi mo yan. Then BE IT. Alangan mo naman mag-BEG pa ako sau? Duh. and OO nga pala, In ORDER TO ACHIEVE OUR DREAMS, ONE MUST BE REALISTIC NOT AUTISTIC.

and sasabihin mo sakin ~ Look at myself ~ ano naging achievements ko? Sure. I can prove it. How about you? the flirtiness? proud ka sa mga jackASShole stuffs na nagagawa mo? Oooh.. I found it too CHEAP.

Feel mo parin ba yaman mo. THEN FEEL IT. pakasosyal ka. feel feelin mo lahat. ciao

and in the first place, nung wala ka, hindi naging leche ang buhay ko. nung nakilala ka pati nanay mo.. sira na buhay ko.. nagsimula ako mamroblema sa pag-aaral ko. totoo naman eh. dahil dati matataas grades ko, nabalitaan mo ba ako bumagsak? NEVER. nung naimpluwensyahan mko sa RAN, sa pagpnta ko sa inyo, sa pagkabulag mo sakin.. hindi nko nag-aral ng mabuti.. and THAT is the first time I FAILED my STUDIES UP UNTIL NOW...... and I really really BELIEVE na ang pagBOBOYFRIEND ay nkakasira ng pag-aaral lalo na kung ang BF ko WALANG PINAG-ARALAN. OO at nkakapagsisi.. tlagang nkakapagsisi. NANG DAHIL SAU... Hell Yeah, its better to move on..

From now on. Wala na ako pakelam sayo. Bahala ka sa kung ano ang gagawin mo. You are free. Ok? NO MORE REGRETS.. Magsisimula ulit ako kung saan ako nawala.. and I'll find the light where I am supposed to be. I will not expect too much from you.. and don't expect to much from me as well.. Have a nice day.."

Oral Defamation and Perjury

I posted this one because there is someone who omitted this violation. Because a Lady accused somebody here (I will not tell the name). Her statements are 100% WRONG. She is making wrong stories also known as fase statement at our barangay. However, this man who is being accused defensed himself and charged that lady to this following violation:
Defamation is an intentional false communication that injures another person’s good name or reputation. To amount to defamation, the communication must be published or spoken.

Defamation law prohibits libel and slander. Libel is when the employee is defamed in writing, and slander is used for oral defamation. The employee may press charges of defamation when the ex-employer provides discriminatory job references to prospective employers, which may cause harm to the employee. In an employment setting, if the employee is wrongfully accused of misconduct, sexual harassment, dishonesty, negligence, etc., verbally or in writing, the employee has a valid reason to file charges of defamation against the employer or the accuser. In case the employer does not investigate the defamatory remark(s) fairly, both the employer and the accuser are held accountable.

Defamatory statements are often made to outsiders, about the employee’s job performance or problems on the job. A third party is shown the employee’s personnel file and performance evaluations, but the file may have untrue derogatory comments or incorrect evaluation records.

Most states recognize a valid defamation lawsuit when false written or spoken words are communicated to a third party and disparage a person of his trade, office, or profession, and when the employer or ex-employer negligently failed to check the accuracy of such information.


If the employer makes a mistake in providing a reference by looking at the wrong file, and later corrects the mistake, then the employee does not have the right to press charges of defamation.
If the employer shares their opinion about the employee’s wrongful conduct to another person; an opinion cannot amount to defamation.
If the employer disseminates defamatory but true information about the employee.

Employers are also entitled to “qualified privilege” that allows them to make statements about their employees regarding discipline, termination, and references to prospective employers. However, it does not give employers the right to knowingly make false statements about employees or ex-employees.

The employee must have enough proof to prove that a false statement was made. It is advisable to consult a labor attorney to analyze the situation. However, damages do not have to be proved in all instances. The law treats certain statements as defamatory per se; here the employee need not have to prove to win a verdict.

Defamatory per se statements

Accusing a person of serious misconduct in his/her profession.
Imputing to a person the commission of a criminal offense.
Charging a person with dishonesty.
Accusing a person of serious sexual conduct.
Stating that a person has a loathsome or deadly disease.



Perjury, also known as forswearing, is the act of lying or making verifiably false statements on a material matter under oath or affirmation in a court of law or in any of various sworn statements in writing. It is important that the false statement be material to the case at hand—that it could affect the outcome of the case. It is not considered perjury, for example, to lie about ones age, unless that person's age is a key factor in proving the case. Perjury is considered a serious offense as it can be used to usurp the power of the courts, resulting in miscarriages of justice.

The rules for perjury also apply when a person has made a statement under penalty of perjury, even if the person has not been sworn or affirmed as a witness before an appropriate official.

Statements of interpretation of fact are not perjury because people often make inaccurate statements unwittingly and not deliberately. Individuals may have honest but mistaken beliefs about certain facts or their recollection may be inaccurate. Like most other crimes in the common law system, to be convicted of perjury one must have had the intention (mens rea) to commit the act, and to have actually committed the act (actus reus).


Friday, October 3, 2008

Must know the Pieces of ME

My name is Camille (obviously)..
When I was in High School, I become a dumb Features and Literary Editor. There are many unfair things that I have had encountered in my life every now and then ~
Some of these scenarios are those people who think that they are superior enough:
The "Overlearned" geeks and the "Infamous MeanGirls".

Many people are ashamed of being what they are. They try to adopt other culture just to say "Heyah! I'm unique ~ Can't you see me?". My perceptions in life is very simple. I just live in the world where I learned how to know more of myself, get along with different kinds of people and most of all how to love unconditionally.

I'm a Geminian. This is a fact about myself:
"You are a contradiction in many ways but people love being around you, You clever and witty girl! Hardly anything worries you or keeps you quiet -- You just love to gab! But people don't rely on you for much. They know that with your many talents, you just can't seem to decide on almost anything! You love expressing yourself, abhor boredom, and have strong opinions that are usually right -- but girl, you just keep changing your mind!

I'm not an Anti-Christ or even hail harlots.

They said, Opportunity comes "once" in a lifetime and Expect to the UNExpected.
~ Hell Yeah. Sometimes what we expect more is inversely proportional to the thoughts of what we were trying to happen next. Luckily, I just become one of the Intel Computer Clubhouse Ambassador. Take note, I'm a representative of our country to attend for a 2006 Teen Summit Conference. It is a gathering of youth from different Computer Clubhouses worldwide and takes place in Boston, MA every two years.

In that experience, I learned alot about Technology. The advanced stuffs about Robotics although it's complicated to learn being an Uber Noob :-)
Museum Of Science has a strong impact to my careeer when I had the chance to interact with those Bigtime Scientists, Incredible Engineers, Stunning Programmers, Developers, and other Professionals. From that Opportunity, little by little my dream career developed. I wished to study in Massachussetts Institute of Technology (MIT).

...and some said, Dreams are not true, they are just the second dimension of your daily routine =(

As time goes by, I became weak. I dunno why. When I dreamed to be like this or that, ~ somebody bothers me alot.
Oh Psychotic Camill :D

Well, too much talk! Behind of being cheerful, friendly and talkative, - the darkest side of my soul is too painful. I am lost to the world and have been hurt more than one time you might not think that there is a god or even somone who cares but there is ad least one that will be you need to find that person and don't give up hope.

Once I was fall in love more than I do to myself. My way of thinking become deviating. I dont know why is this happening to me..

I can't blame someones pasts even it hurts me lot but acceptance is the best answer. My patience is too long and I can still handle it although it rips my heart out.

Being beautiful or fascinating is not being famous or well respected, it is something deeper than that.
Whores? Bitches? Sluts? - They are immature and dont deserve in this world.

That's all folks.

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