Sunday, October 19, 2008

Adventures at E-Games

This is the story:

(Meeting Place) - We decided to meet at Activity Center @ Glorietta exactly at 12noon

~ Nemesis is in a hurry coz she thought that she is LATE :D
~ Nemesis arrived exactly 12noon at the said meeting place
~ zAYTie arrived 12:30noon
~ Nemesis and zAYTie txtd Carolski and Tarhata
~ Carolski replied back becoz her bf fetched her at her work (may date sila)
~ Tarhata at Libis to withdraw :D
~ zAYTie and Nemesis went to Taxi Station @ Landmark and wait for Tarhata
~ Tarhata came late at 1:30pm
~ The Girls:
1st Nemesis
2nd zAYTie
3rd Tarhata

(At RCBC Hallway)
~ They came to RCBC Plaza at 2:00pm
~ At the Logging in Desk,
zAYTie is wondering:
"Bakit lahat kayo ang tatanda na? ages 34, 21, 28? Ako lang pala pinakabata na naglog dito.. I'm only 18 yrs old."
~ Tarhata and Nemesis were laughing at me they said:
"Ano ka ba! Mga floor levels yan, hindi yan age!"
~ At the Elevator:
naghihisterical si zAYTie: "Hala! Wlang 34th floor button!"

(At the E-Games Lobby)
~ Manong Guard asked us if we are Girl Gamers: (OBVIOUS BA MANONG?!)
~ The Lobby became soo noisy becoz of the 3 Girls
~ Signed up the Attendance
~ GM Phyreza approached us together with the 2 early comers ~> RANachic Players

(At the E-Games Conference Room)
~ We followed GM Phyreza
~ At the door of Conference Room, GM Amethy said:
"Wag kayo matakot, walang multo dito, kami lang toh.. sige na pasok kayo!"
~ While looking for our seats
CM Veya said: "Bakit kayo nagsisiksikan jan sa dulo.. dito oh.. "
~ Nemesis bravely take a seat beside GM Amethy
~ Other GMs present at the Room:
GM Faiga, GM Makadesh, GM Chromium, and GM Bane
~ While sitting, GM Bane is offering us Chicken Burgers and Mashed Potatoes :D
~ GMs said: "Kain na kayo, wag na kayo mahiya :D"
~ Tarhata and zAYTie (shy effect)
~ Nemesis bullied CM Veya with many questions :D
~ Tarhata and zAYTie (may mga sariling mundo)
~ Hiya Session >.<
~ Until GM Amethy decided to wait and merge with other batch @4pm para isahan nalang yung meeting.

(Watching Tales of Terror)
~ Then GM Amethy browsed her Laptop
~ Pinanood kami ng Tales of Terror while waiting for 4pm.
~ Ang kokorny ng mga tales.. :D hindi na sia nakakatakot. nagtatawanan lang kami

(Comfort Room)
~ Breaktime.. We went to Comfort Room together with 1 RANachic player.. Takutan session
~ The Door at the cubicle sounds scary... (eeenng)
~ While facing at the mirror, yung RANachic player dumaaan sa gilid to wash her hands.
Biglang bumukas ung drier sa gilid.. Takbuhan sa pinto
~ GM Makadesh (ginulat kami)
~ Di kami nagulat bwahahahaha
~ While at the Lobby, picture mode muna kami

(Watching again the Tales of Terror)
~ Back to the hotseats
~ GM Bane offered us again many Chicken Burgers
~ GM Bane offered again PIneapple Juice
~ GM Bane get water for Nemesis
~ Watching again funny tales of terror
~ Next tale: Full-length Mirror
~ GM Chromium napapahiga na sa upuan, nagtatago (scared) buwahahahaha
~ Halos lahat nagtatago sa upuan
~ The best part of that tale is Pokwang look-a-like :D
Must watch this one (kinuha ko sa Youtube) :
~ Nagsigawan lahat sa Conference Room buwahahahahaha!
~ GM Bane offered again Chicken Burgers

(4pm FGD)
~ FGD started - conducted by GM Amethy
~ GM and Girl Gamer interaction
~ GM Amethy and GM Phyreza vs. Nemesis (2 on 1)
~ Former CM Veya and GM Chromium vs. Tarhata and zAYTie (4 on 1 and half) hahahaha
~ GM Faiga and GM Bane vs. 3 RANachic players ( 2 on 3)
~ GM Makadesh vs 2 RANachic players (1 on 2) :D
~ Sort of Group Discussions about in-game/in-rea life
~ Individual Concerns
~ Planning about the events
~ Planning about the group name/ logo / website/ forum
~ (Serious)
~ GM Bane offers Chicken Burgers again

(After FGD)
~ Raffle (3 Hooligan Stuff Toy)
By order:
1st Round ~ the winner is Nemesis
2nd Round ~ zAYTie
3rd Round ~ Tarhata
(parang nung nag-meet lang ah) wahahahahaha!
~ Nagreklamo ang mga RANachics: "luto!"
~ Kulitan Session
~ Picturan MadnessBy order:

~ GM Bane offers Chicken Burgers again
~ Autograph Session
~ Give-away Freebies :D
~ Pictorials
~ GM Bane offers Chicken Burgers nanaman lol
~ GM Faiga namigay ng Chicken Burgers wahahahaha~ Pictorials
~ E-Games Lobby pictorials again
~ Saying buh byes

(Going Home)
~ Tarhata going to Megamall
~ zAYTie and Nemesis going to Glorietta
~ Nemesis nakipagmeet sa BF nia :D
~ zAYTie sumakay sa Makati Park Square

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