Saturday, October 25, 2008

@_@ Drools

Yesterday, I went to sleep at 4am just to finish the Website for Zarah's Project Retail. They need it at their defense at The Coffee Beanery ~Edsa Shangrila by 1:30pm. Well, I'm still sleeping at 12:30noon when Zarah and my mom woke me up.

Oheemgee.. I'm shtill shleeffy.. She told me to wake up and take a bath so that I will accompany her at the said venue. But then, the time is already late and she need to fetch her classmate at Markina. ~ So, I'll just follow her at Coffee Beanery coz she have to go.

After all the happenings at the Shangrila, Zarah and I went to SM Megamall to buy her boyfriend's brother a CD at Comic Alley. Unfortunatelly, it's out of stock. So we have to go back at Shangrila and walk (ooh! our feet is aching lol) coz her Car is in Valet.

However, we bought foods at Jollibee and take it out. =) huhuhuhu.

We reached our home sweet home.. up until now, I'm still tired ;) Whatever. @_@

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