Sunday, December 28, 2008

Good News: Twilighters :)

Oh. I know this post is very late but I want to share it then. lol. For the past few days, rumors about the upcoming Pinoy version of Twilight has invaded. Oh wooo.. the stories were scattered all over the net - so many frantic adverse comments from true blooded twilighters.

I also posted the shit at E-Games Forum about the tagalized version of Twilight and hell yeah, most forumers were doomed shocked. Oh. Hola! And now, here's a drug for you to get high.. coz an ingenious pink.star11 (forumer of e-games) shared this one. Her source:

Ok. Here it goes.


Good NEWS....

Source: Twilight Addicts..

This is from Dianne...Thanks!


Salvation Reigns! Takipsilim: Access Denied? :D
Dec 26, '08 1:43 AM
by Dianne for everyone

I'm really sorry that I wasn't able to post this earlier since my sister was using the computer until 4 in the morning. BAH.

Before you go on with this blog, I want you to have this biiiig goofy smile for me. Flash me that smile! :))

Now, this is not an official news. But here's a sprig of hope brought by the doves of twilight happiness. You better sit down and prepare some money for celebration.

My awesome points please:

1.) Before you do anything rash. Kindly click this ABS-CBN link that contains the post about ABS-CBN bagging the rights for the twilight remake.


Tell me what you see, and be the judge of that. I can hear the angels descending.

Maybe we scared them off, who knows? But I like this change of events.But that's no confirmation that they wouldn't push through. But the hope meter is still high :)

2.) On so, the first point leads us to our next point which is....

Orange received a wonderful pm from an awesome member that goes (I hope you don't mind me posting your pm):

i just wanted to inform you that abs cbn just withdrew the takipsilim announcement. i have a VERY VERY reliable source, i swear with my crush's heart. :)) anyway, she said that abs cbn made an error in announcing it TOO EARLY. but she has no info yet if they're really going to do the show. she even said to check abs cbn online, 'cause it's probably not there anymore daw. and she was right. :D she said, it'll probably be in the morning news. don't worry, all of these are true. i just didn't want to post my own note that's why i informed you instead. :)

Shout out to trinalovesyou! You made us happy and we love you back :)) Now I tell you, swearing into a crush's heart is a serious binding promise. That is one serious matter right there.

Going back :)) If ABS-CBN did release it early, then at least they know the consequences of their action if they would continue takipsilim, that is. I really hope they would stop their plans in making this one. :)

3.) So Orange checked our mother ship, and their latest blog says:

Edit (7:00 PM) It seems that the ABS-CBN news link that we've posted before cannot be accessed anymore. We leave that to your own interpretation ;) [mabelletaka]

It's seems that a lot of people are in a good mood these days :))

4.) So we head to Zagafryon's comment on one of the admin posts and he links to this blog right here that says:

Twilight Pinoy Version Remake “Takipsilim” a Hoax
Posted by Nina Santilleces on December 24, 2008 at 7:25 am.

Twilight fans hates the fact that ABS-CBN will shoot the remake of Twilight (a famous vampire novel of Stephanie Meyer) this February by officially posting a news at their official website. The said article said that Rayver Cruz and Shaina Magdayao will portray as the main characters Edward Cullen and Bella Swan in tentatively title “Takipsilim” to be directed by Cathy Garcia Molina. Yehey also loves the news and even posted the article in their entertainment page in a detailed manner including the other casts.

Twilight Remake TakipsilimAvid Twilight fans even created an online petition to blatantly stop the ABS-CBN madness against the remake of Twilight. Some people claim that Twilight remake is only a hoax that ABS-CBN only wants to gain traffic to their official website or they have other reason behind this.

From reading the article, conclusions are made up that Twilight remake is really a hoax. In the ABS-CBN article it was said that they (ABS-CBN) paid $1 million with co-producer Ignite Media for the rights to the Twilight series. What is Ignite Media? Rights to the Twilight series?

Next are the shooting locations. It was said that the taping will start on February next year and the shooting locations are Bukidnon, Tagaytay, Baguio, some will be in other locations abroad. So Tagaytay is Forks, Baguio is Seattle and Bukidnon is La Push? Those three locations are too far for Bella to ride her truck. Take note that Bukidnon is in Mindanao. And why would they shoot outside country?

Finally, the fake poster. If casting are done, they should have photo shoots or scratch trailer like Twilight movie did.

Seems that Rayver and Shaina die hard fan created this poster. And we would love to see if Pokwang and Bayani will star in Takipsilim. ABS-CBN will sure gain a big hit in Prime Bida airing this serious teleserye of Bayani and Pokwang, Takipsilim and Bagong Buwan as their sequel.


Yaaaaay! Though, it's not official, it still makes me feel giddy inside. I think that ABS-CBN may be thinking about their next move.

But yeah, what IS Ignite Media?I think I've heard about them before...As far as I know, they produced the GMA film called 'Batanes'. No, I did not watch that, that happens to be the result when i googled it. Why only a million for the rights of twilight?

About the places... well I think that's easy to figure out. They could easily cut scenes and look for different spots from there. Though you really can't see giant trees in here :)) You'd be caressing coconut trees instead :))

But seriously, we haven't heard anything from Stephenie Meyer recently. We'd love to hear something from her.

Yaaay! At least the news about the pinoy version of twilight wasn't in Perez's top 10 most e-mailed list :D

Hooraz! Now we can see the prospective of a New Year a bit better!

Have a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year Everyone!


D'oh! I hope I made somebody's day.

Source: Click Here
"kay tangang tupa..."
"kay gagong masukistang leon!"

"tungkol sa tatlong bagay na siguradong positibo ako:
una, si edward ay isang bampira...
pangalawa, may isang parte sa kanya, at hndi ko alam kung gaano kalakas uhaw sa aking dugo...
at pangatlo, hndi maitatangging ako'y walang sawang inlab sa kanya"

"maging ligtas mahal..."

"ikaw na ang buhay ko ngayon"

"estupidong may-ari ng makintab na VOLVO"

"pano kung hindi ako ang bida, pano kung ako ung masamang tao???"

"ikaw ang eksaktong tatak ng droga ko"

"Imposible ang iyong kabilisan at lakas.
Ang `yong balat ay maputi`t maputla at yelo`ng lamig.
Nagiiba ang kulay ng mata mo at
minsan kung magsalita ka para kang galing ng ibang panahon.
Hindi kalumalabas kapag maaraw. Ilang taon kana?"
"Labing pito."
"Gano katagal kanang labing pito?"
"Matagal-tagal narin."

"alam ko kung ano ka"
"sabihin mo... sabihin mo ng malakas..."
"natatakot ka ba?"

"takot ka ba?"
"ang ikinatatakot ko lang ay ang mawala ka sa akin"

"kung kaya mong mabuhay habang panahon, ano ang ikabubuhay mo???"

"punyeta bella, ikaw ang magiging kamatayan ko"

"*singhot* mmmm... nagdala ka ng baon..."

"aking lalaking unggoy!"

"humawak ka ng mahigpit, gagambang unggoy!"

Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Twilight ~ Pinoy Version

ABS-CBN has bought the rights to make a television version of the hit vampire novel Twilight, ABS-CBN's CEO, Euegenio Lopez III signed a contract last December 6, 2008 for the television adaptation of Twilight.

The rights cost a more than a million dollars, the taping is set to start next year by February in Baguio, Tagaytay, Bukidnon and some parts will tape outside the country. And it will be directed by Cathy Garcia Molina, the television adaptation will focus with the love story between Edward and Bella, this is much more than a drama, romance, but also fantasy. This is co-produce by Ignite Media Incorporation.

Other Information:
The hit vampire novel has been bought by ABS-CBN has bought for more than US$1 million with Ignite Media as co producer. The taping is set to start next year by Feb. in Baguio , Tagaytay, Bukidnon with some parts to be shot abroad. To be directed by Cathy Garcia Molina, the TV adaptation will focus on Edward and Bella’s love story to be treated as drama, romance and fantasy.

The unofficial cast includes Valeen Montenegro as Alice Cullen, Gabby Concepcion as Dr. Carlisle Cullen, Luis Manzano as Emmett Cullen, Al Tantay as Charlie Swan, Yayo Aguila as Renee Dwyer, Fred Payawan as Jacob Black, Carlos Agassi as James, Chin Chin Gutierrez as Esme Cullen, Karylle as Rosalie Hale, Joross Gamboa as Jasper Hale, Jessy Mendiola as Jessica Stanley, Empress Schuck as Angela Weber, Brad Murdoch as Laurent, Nikki Bacolod as Victoria and Aaron Villaflor as Mike Newton.

Rayver and Shaina were former love team partner but the tandem did not work. It seems their tandem will click in “Twilight."

ABS-CBN has bought the rights to make a tv version of the hit vampire novel "Twilight" by Stephenie Meyer, it is about a girl named Isabella Swan who fell in love with a vampire named Edward Cullen, the taping isset to start next year in Baguio, Bugarin in Tanay Rizal Province, Bukidnon and Tagaytay.

This will be one of the biggest production ABS-CBN will make, the budget for this TV Series is about more than a million,which is big for a tv series. this is said to be directed by the award winning director Cathy Garcia Molina.

CAST (Unofficial) :

Rayver Cruz as Edward Cullen
Shaina Magdayao as Isabella Swan
Valeen Montenegro as Alice Cullen
Joross Gamboa as Jasper Hale
Karylle as Rosalie Hale
Luis Manzano as Emmett Cullen
Chin Chin Gutierrez as Esme Cullen
Gabby Concepcion as Dr. Carlisle Cullen
Al Tantay as Charlie Swan
Yayo Aguila as Renee Dwyer
Fred Payawan as Jacob Black
Carlos Agassi as James
Jessy Mendiola as Jessica Stanley
Empress Schuck as Angela Weber
Brad Murdoch as Laurent
Nikki Bacolod as Victoria
Aaron Villaflor as Mike Newton

* I saw this one at Friendster ~ Bulletin Board.. One of my classmate in Adamson posted this shit and other Twilighters. Eeewwwnesss.. Yuck! I hate it! Damn it!

Monday, December 22, 2008

This Body: A Novel of Reincarnation

I've been reading this book since Saturday. Thanks to Zarah♥ for a wonderful gift this Christmas. Although this Novel is too old, I really appreciate the fictitious story of Katharine. The characters dispatched from Shakespeare's A Midsummer Night's Dream. Cool.

Book Description
What if you had your life to live over again? What if you were rich and skinny this time? What if you had a second chance to find true love? Katherine Ashley, in the prime of her life, is a dutiful mother of two whose heart suddenly stops beating. Thisby Bennet is a rich, thin young woman whose dangerous taste for drugs and men leads to her equally premature death. When Katherine's disembodied spirit awakens inside Thisby's lifeless body, Laurel Doud's first, fearless novel explores what form a second chance might take.

Sunday, December 21, 2008


I'm imputing, cogitating, and disputing. My head is penetrated by the fuss.

Resembling to weep like an outrageous mortal,
or maybe I'm too knotty?

I prefer to be abandoned rather than to be blissful.

Intense Hostility.
I don't know what do I really feel.

I know that I'm sensible ... sometimes odd.
There's a clamor in my heart.
Pushing me to be remorseful.
I should be calm and placid but I'm assertive.

Do you know what am I trying to deem?


I can't be dead to the world.

Am I too pompously literary?
I just demand to feel the affection that I'm probing for.

Saturday, December 20, 2008

Short Valediction

To go beyond what was expected or hoped for is invigorating. However, been gained in previous time will make you feel sad or disheartened - Hark back on it.

It's really wobbly to leave for elsewhere cause you need to refuse to accept or comply with something. They will culminate but memoirs and pain will remain.

I'm hoping for you to retort cause I missed you. Sheez. Yeah we know, changing someone's convention is hard for them to pull off. It's just like you wanted him to have the physical strength or courage.

Being livid about someone's foolishness easilly last. You can't just really handle the mental pressure as if you yearn for snivel and screech.

Please struggle to be man enough.

Friday, December 19, 2008

Supposed to be .... then Friday with Zarah ♥

Supposed to be.... I would be hanging out with my AdU Classmates at Mall of Asia together with my Bheibee. Ugh. Sort of changes ruined the plan. Err.. I really hate it. I'm pissed off. Ok?

Those things made me mad when some of my bizarre classmate changed the venue which is Luneta Park. Duh??!! Shesh freakin' crazy.. Strolling at Luneta Park when the sun shines tooo hot? It must be silly. Then my boyfriend backed out cause of his weird pustule. Damn! ?!@%$

At 12:30 noon, I called Zarah over the phone just to ask - what makes her busy today.. But then, I just woked her up coz she's still shleefing. haha! Ooops! Sorry. Anyways, she told me that she would be going with her mommy, tita, and cousins at Market! Market! to stroll and shop for Christmas. Zarah asked me if I want to come with them. So I did.

By 3:00pm, she picked me up riding her Red car. Zzz.. Blah! Blah!

So many happenings had gone while shoppin in.. David Pomeranz have a Mall Tour and Free Concert. Zarah and her mom bought Dinning Table set. We eat at KFC. Let her 2 little cute cousins play at the playground. Her mom went to grocery. Stroll. Look for cellphones. Blahblah! Buy gifts for my parents. While walking, we saw our 2 classmates in PCS: Marga and Alexis. Then Zarah gave me a christmas gift - she was asking me of what would I like to have... then it was a book. Thanks to her. She's so kind and loving friend.

I enjoyed my friday with her. Oh! I'm sorry I wasnt been able to buy her a gift. I'll just give it on Christmas. Hehehe.

Green Japanese Signs

I was just plurking around when some of my friend plurker (Amcel Ong) shared a photo with a message: "WAAAAT?"

Duh,. I'm curious that's why I clicked on it, and here it goes:

So. What comes on your mind now? Hahaha!
For me, the first thing that comes on my mind is that: (From Left to Right)
1. A boy who feels so horny, his dick errected.. as if he can't take it anymore..
2. So what the boy did~ go fucked her woman doing some sex position..
3. After he come out~ the girl got pregnant
4. Then, finally... that girl gave birth to the child.

Ugh.. I think we have the same impressions huh? But the real meaning of these signs were:

According to Amcel: these are signs in Japanese Metro Trains,
'Priority seats for ................', From left to right:
1. Person with injured arm
2. Person holding a child
3. Pregnant woman
4. Person with injured leg

Funny huh?

Thursday, December 18, 2008

It's the Strange

Oh. I forgot to feature this stuff on my Blog. Yeep. Moi is a fanatic of Emily the Strange since 2nd Year High School.

I remember, me and my mother were strolling at Glorrietta (few years ago) - She bought me an EmilyStrange bag at BlackStrawBerry Gothic Clothing Boutique. Here it is:

and oh! I also have keychains, paper clip black sabbath and emily's black wallet. Plus, my Emily Strange Action Figures! Woo! I bought this one at Harvard Square at Boston Massachussetts when were having a free time and off in Teen Summit. (July 2006)

Nah! For my Christmas wishlist. I want Emily Rocks Hoody. Hehehe. That's all for this moment. Be right back.

Saturday, December 13, 2008

I Can't Breathe!

You wished to go everywhere you want to go. You want to be free like a falcon. You wanted to do everything you want to do. You want to hang out with your friends for a long time as if you don't want to go home.

But the problem is, you cannot "just" be so Bum and Lazy all the way. You still have to do your responsibilities as a: student, daughter, son, employer, teacher, doctor, etc.. One thing that I can't resist is that, setting yourself free for a little time. @_@

Normally, parent's are very protective.. right? What if it's too much? Very exaggerated? Very contradicting in many ways? "as if" they don't want you to be "very" Happy.

Filipino culture is very obsolete in terms of being a "Responsible" Parent. Ugh. Especially if they have the only "unica ija". Duh?! @_@ They were very overprotective. Too much brooding care and concern.

Damn! My neck is wrecked! They wanted me to live in an impeccable cherry blossom. My gosh! I'm already a teenager.
-- "So what if you're teenager? We are you'r parents! We ARE!!" Scary huh? Bite me! LOL.

I want a space to breathe on. I want to enjoy my teenage life. Yes! I admit it >> I'm not happy with them. What if they were reading this? I bet you! - they will say:

"Walang hiya ka?! Pagkatapos namin gawin ang lahat.. nagpapakahirap kami sa trabaho.. masakit na mga katawan namin para lang mapag-aral ka!!!!"

It's not all about "walang hiya!"... It's all about the happiness I wanted to have just a day. I'm just "all ALONE" here inside our house.

This is just me: No sister, No brother, Just go to school, freaky to study, read book, stay in the library, chat with my classmates, do crazy projects, assignments, prepare for exams and quizzes ONLY at school. Eat many foods, drink water, talk to my boyfriend over the Phone. And the rest.... I'm "ALL ALONE" at home. My bestfriend? - Computer. Nothing else.

I have no depravity. So what's the point of being "walang hiya"?

It's so annoying to hear them saying this line:
"Wala ka nang pakinabang dito sa bahay!" insisting that - wala na akong kwentang anak
"Nakakawalang GANA KA! Hindut ka!" .......
"Bakit ba tayo may anak na INUTIL?" ........

Is that how my parents made themselves soo much perfect? They don't see the brightest part of me. If any, just a pixel of appreciation only work. Everything I do is fucked up. They always insist that they are "RIGHT" and I'm "LEFT". How was that?

Another tounge twister:
"Lahat ng magulang gusto mapabuti ang anak.." ...... *yawn*
"Bastos ka tlga! Sumasagot ka pa!"
"Nung panahon namin, hindi kami ganyan sa mga magulang namin"
"Hindi naman masama ang pinapayo namin sayo! Gusto ka lang namin mapabuti"
"Kaya mo nba maging mag-isa sa buhay?"

@_@ Drools. Am I too worst? I don't think so. I'm not doing a shit. I'm not like my asshole cousins who are not studying anymore - a standby - a troublemaker on the street - a whore - nor a criminal.

I have what it takes to be the best. I'm not the typical old fashioned teenager who thinks about bullshit things. I'm not one of them.

I want to shout! It's not all about being INDEPENDENT child. It's not all about abusing a Freedom.

All I want is --> a space to breathe. I want to enjoy my teenage life NOT IN A BAD WAY.

Friday, December 12, 2008

Let's Play Habbo!

I became an addict player of within 3-days up until now (hehehe!). Because I saw their advertisement at

They were cute and customizeable: You can personalize your room; Create and manage groups as well as room events (example: Trade, Dating, Debates and Discussion, Grand Openings, Performance, Music, Habbo Jobs etc..); you can also play their strategy games; buy, sell and trade your Habbo Furnitures.

However, it looks like a Sim City... But then, it's inside at Habbo Hotel. You can hang out. It's fun. Why don't you try it?

Here's a screenshot of my Habbo:

Click Here to Register and Play Habbo now!

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Sticky Chocolate Jellyfish

Haha! I know all of us release sticky chocolate jellyfish.

I made this blog entry for me to remind the shitty things I encountered lately when I was about going home. Once again, it's mind all over body.

Hope you guys if reading this one, please imagine the word "release". - That's all for today. LOL.

Monday, December 8, 2008

Computer Storage Management

Last time when were having a Lecture discussion about Computer Memory stuffs, our professor at Computer System Organization (CSO) with Assembly Language told us about their seminar in Storage Management.

Technology constantly changing, new innovations and other upgrades were on the line. As of today's generation, many programmers, network engineers, animators and designers are on the Computer or Technology Industry.

Now, as you can observe, computer specifications are getting higher and the computer memory is extending as well. For example, Pentium II 256MB in RAM is sufficient enough but now, it is more recommended to have an above system requirements.

See? For this matter, the world really in-need of Storage management. Programmers or developers are already obsolete. The scenarios of having a 250GB hard drive is not good anymore, but, 1TB leads it's way.

In some places who are not literate in terms of Storage Management, they really have to focus and work with it. Who knows? Year 2012? How would a system can handle the world? @_@

Sunday, December 7, 2008

I'm back!

I don't have internet connection since Friday because Globelines' Cabinet at Makati Area was under restoration WTF! and now, the connection resumed at 5pm.

Err... I'm back to blogging, Online Game Updates and other Researches for my school stuffs. For last Saturday happenings, my Girlfriends-Groupmates in Computer System Organization had been here ~ were 5 in the group *including me* but they were only 3 who went here (Belle, Dora and Ginnie), Angel wasn't able to come because she can't. LOL. @_@ We do foodtrips and continue C++ Programming...

Yesterday ~ Sunday, I woke up at 2pm then continue my Chapter 1 Story at MS Word, then me and my mom went to SM Megamall for strolling at 5pm then have our dinner at KFC then stroll again ... then bought chocolates (wooo!) then late in the evening, me and my bheibee Jerome talked over the phone until 5am

Then, as for today, I woke up 4 in the afternoon and helped my parents at our Canteen... Then I saw at the Computer Shop beside our canteen that they already have an internet that's why I quickly went home to check my E-mails and now I'm doing the Blogging thingys..

That's all the happenings of my life for the past 3 days when I was off @_@


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