Saturday, November 29, 2008

Twilight ~ Nothing will be the same

We all know that Stephenie Meyer's romantic story bout the two lovers ~ Edward (90-year old vampire but just began 17-y.o as of now) and Bella(17-year old charming lady) strikes our racial memory in fiction.

I heard alot of readers ~ when they watched the movie ~ some parts of the scene were not too close from the book. @_@ Others were pissed off because the book was messed up... Hmmm.. I already seen this book already at some books stores, I think it's almost 8-9months ago. I was attracted by the black cover..Ugh! Don't have the money to buy that's why I just stare at it and wondering the content would be great. Then few months passed, rumors about the story of Twilight had gone through my ears. Good Comments. etc.

Now, the book that I was staring at were now launched at the movie.. Again, I don't have the money to buy a ticket that's why I searched at the internet if there would be a stranger who can share some video. lol. Luckily, I found one!

Anyways, here it is.. If you would like to watch this video through internet (over and over again), Please link it here at (the movie were cut into 8 scenes)

I don't want to be exaggerated or what cause I saw from other reviews that twilight is blahblahblah.. zzz..For me, yeah.. it's great... one of a kind.. Such a lovely story.... somewhat depressing coz it's impossible to happen in the real world..

"I dont have the strength to stay away from you anymore...."

Friday, November 28, 2008

Sickness Adventures :(

Thursday afternoon, Me and Ginnie went to Adamson ST Canteen and decided to buy Shake with Ice Cream on top :) Yummy... After that, I bought Big Yemma hahaha! Sweets.. Then Thursday Night, I'm very obssesed in drinking cold coffee, cold water ... cold..cold.. cold liquiors.. Wooo.. As if I was refreshened up

Friday, 9 in the morning when I woke up, I can't talk and it seems that my tonsil is painful. Still lying on my bed, hugging my pillows. I have a very cloggy nose I feel that I'm almost near to have flu.

Since we have an alternate schedule in Philippine Lit., and our professor in Nihonggo is not around, my class will start at 2:00pm. So I still have time to take a rest and wake up again at 11am.

I depart from my house at 12:30 noon and Duh! "Tanghaling tapat!" My Gosh! It's to hot outside and I'm not feeling well. I ride a jeepney upto Guadalupe then walk upto Guadalupe MRT Station and ride again the trolly upto Edsa-Pasay-Taft Station then walk again upto LRT Station then rides again the trolly until I reach UN Avenue Station then walk again from Masagana ~ Adamson Walkway ~ cross the road ~ CS Building. Omg! As if I was dying.

When I reached 2nd floor, Dora and Angel saw me, they said that I'm pale.
Dora: "Camille.. bakit ang putla putla mo? pinagpapawisan ka pa."
Angel: "Oo nga, bakit anong nangyari sayo?"
Moi: "Grabe! nilalagnat ata ako, sh*t! ang init! pasok na tayo sa classroom para malamig!"

See?! and that's what all I got now. I'm sooo sick and tired. I have a tonsilitis and irritating cloggy nose. Wooo...

Thursday, November 27, 2008

Happy Together

I went to my bheibee's house yesterday to visit him. He's not doing well, his nose is hurting, because his brother punched in him. I dunno sort of problems had gone our way for the past few days, but now were ok :)

Well, I brought him some choco creamy fudgy doughnuts at SM Fairview. He's happy "indeed". Hahaha! I remember the word "indeed" moments about the movie they watched entitled as Haunted House. :)

Oh anyways, I comforted him and spend our time together ~ sweet. love. heart. kiss.

Then, when were having our dinner with her sister, so many funny and green stories shared :))

Oh...Ugh... We're both happy together. Love Stories. Mwah. Hugs.

TTh 10:30 - 12:30 (Videoke)

Haha! Every Tuesdays and Thursdays ~ Moi together with my classmates ~ Ginnie, Angel and Arlene were having our vacant time at 2/F Times Plaza, Kalaw for Videoke Session.

For the past few weeks, we're enjoyig the company to sing different kinds of songs. Oopps. Sorry Don't have picteers to show . Hehehe..

It all started when Ginnie asked us to go to CD-R-King at SM Manila to buy headphone for her cellphone last November 13. Since it's just besides World-Of-Fun, I heard somebody singing in a Videoke Caravan. I told them why don't we try singing as well cause there are private rooms for Videokes.

I don't know if this is an addiction or what.. But I guess were just happy spending our vacant time to relieve our stress. lol

Saturday, November 22, 2008

The Steps To Breaking Up

When you need to do it, do it with as little pain as possible!
Jennifer Good

Just the words, break up, indicate a situation riddled with impending pain and loss. Even if both parties involved agree it is in their best interests to part romantic ways, there is still a certain amount of loss attached. The best way to approach a break up is to offer the person, to the best of your ability, a clean and clear separation. While there is no definitive way to do this, hear are a few guidelines that may help you.

#1 - Specific Reasons
Don't let them wonder what went wrong. Give them the exact specific reason why you want to break up. It will give them an opportunity to really evaluate what they've done to contribute to the demise of the relationship, and hopefully apply their knowledge to their next one.

#2 - Where To Do It
If you think they will be terribly upset, try a public place that will afford you some privacy, but will deter your partner from possibly "acting up." If at all possible, try to do it some place you can be alone to really talk things through. Avoid places that contain happy memories from your relationship. You don't want to spoil them.

#3 - How To Do It
While following guideline #1 is important, you also want to make sure you are not damaging their ego either. Make it clear to them that the relationship isn't working for you both because you expect different things from the relationship, or that you've reached a line that you don't feel you can cross back over. Take extra care in your choice of wording, but never lie.

#4 - After The Break Up
Your first meetings after a break up can be strained, at best. If you don't feel you'll be comfortable being around them until your emotions are more under control, try a cold turkey break up. Agree neither of you will have contact with each other for an agreed amount of time. Make sure you agree on the set amount of time during the break up process, or the ideal of remaining friends after may diminish.

Your other option is to try a sliding scale approach. Agree to only call or see each other once or twice a week, and slowly narrow it down from there. Agree not to talk about certain things like wishing you were back together, or whether you are seeing anyone new, etc.

If you must remain in contact with them because of school, work or family it is important to remain mature about the situation. Don't run out and date everyone. Allow your partner some breathing room and time to digest their newly found situation. Also, avoid gossiping about what went wrong. It just makes everything ugly.

#5 - Trial Separation
If you are unsure about wanting a permanent break up, try a trial one instead. To signify your commitment to trying to work things out, arrange an agreed upon dating schedule with your partner, maybe once a week. Arrange for the exact dates and times when you are asking for the separation!

Remember, no matter how you do it, or what you say, if you are completely honest with yourself and your partner you both will be able to move on and grow from your experience. Like the common phrase says, "If it was meant to be, it will be."


How To Know When It's Over

by Bob Narindra

There are few things in life that are harder on a person than the time when they realize that the love they have worked so hard at, and spent so much time on, is finally over. For some, this realization is a complete shock and for others, they have seen the writing on the wall for some time now.

Breakup signs are often very difficult to spot, primarily because the people involved often do not want to admit that the relationship has failed. And unless something comes along and hits them in the face, telling them it's over; the natural tendency is to try to work through the problems. This happens more so when the couple have been together for a while.

The question that remains, therefore, is at what point do you really know that it's over?

First lets start with the glaring signs that the relationship is over:

  1. You catch your partner in the act of having an unforgivable affair.

  2. Your partner uses physical violence against you.

  3. You argue non-stop about everything. You can't agree on anything.

The above are obvious, any of the three things occurring above, ESPECIALLY NUMBER TWO, are sure signs that the relationship is coming to an, often abrupt, end.

There are however some other signs to look out for. Sometimes it is necessary to accept the painful fact that the relationship you are in is just not good for you. While I am usually the staunchest advocate for the "you can make it through anything as long as you have love" club, even I have to admit that there are situations where one or both of the partners are just better off apart.

The most common instance of this is when one partner is INTENTIALLY holding the other partner back. When two people have separate dreams and goals, friction can occur, especially if neither of them are willing to compromise. In some instances, however, jealousy leads one of the partner's to be excessively controlling of the other. In these situations, if they are UNRESOLVABLE, it is better to leave than stay.

Other reasons to leave include:

  1. You realize that you don't love your partner.

  2. You find yourself thinking more and more about how good single life was.

  3. You realize that your partner doesn't love you, but is with you because they don't want to hurt you.

  4. You have no common interests or goals.

  5. You find that you cannot stand their annoying little habits, and they won't change.

  6. You find it impossible to be yourself around your partner.

  7. Your partner cuts you down, makes you feel bad about yourself, and constantly devalues your goals and ideas.

Under no circumstances should anyone stay in a relationship that is bad for them, just because they feel that being in a relationship, even a bad one, is better than being alone.


Single? Confused @_@

Big Deal ba ung maglagay ng "Single" sa mga profile mo sa net khit may BF ka? Wonders.. Big Deal ba yun?

Monday, November 17, 2008

[Insert Title...]

Nah.. I don't know what am I supposed to type in this Blog Entry. I just don't know
Maybe because I just feel something different... I'm a little bit confused... tortured... and yah know ~ in short ~ depressed again. Hahaha! What else can I say if that was really how I feel @_@

As of now. I'm sad. That's all.

Ugly Vs. Beautiful

1. Pag ang girlfriend mo PANGET: pwede na yan sa McDo, Jollibee, o kaya Chowking
Pag MAGANDA: dapat sa Friday's, Cravings, o kaya sa ShangriLa

2. Pag PANGET: ayaw mong lapitan pag naglalakad kayo sa if u were just friends
Pag MAGANDA: halos di mo na pakawalan habang namamasyal.. may kasama pang hugs at kisses once in a while

3. Pag PANGET: "Pahinga na lang tayo this weekend. Tsaka may gimik kami ng friends ko e."
Pag MAGANDA: "Are u free this weekend? Gimik tayo with my friends."

4. Pag PANGET: ok na kahit di ka masyadong mag-dress up
Pag MAGANDA: kelangan japorms ka lagi

5. Pag PANGET: "wife material" ... in other words, free katulong in the future.
Pag MAGANDA: "girlfriend material"... prinsesa in short

6. Pag PANGET: pag nagseselos sya, di ka nya pwedeng tarayan
Pag MAGANDA: pag nagseselos sya, ok lang na tarayan ka nya

7. Pag PANGET: lambingin mo lang for the first few months, mapagsasawaan mo agad
Pag MAGANDA: "I can't get enough of you, girl!"

8. Pag PANGET: treat her like she's one of the boys
Pag MAGANDA: treat her like she's the most beautiful girl u'll ever love

9. Pag PANGET: "ay, u'r sick? sige, i'll just call again later."
Pag MAGANDA: "ay, u'r sick, honey? sige, i'll just visit u later, ha?"

10. Pag PANGET: di mo malimutan yung pretty ex mo ("she was everyone's crush y'know")
Pag MAGANDA: kalimutan mo na yung pretty ex mo, u got someone better now

11. Pag PANGET: wala kang ka-agaw
Pag MAGANDA: lahat ka-agaw mo, so u have to be extra sweet to her

12. Pag PANGET: pwede mong iwanan kung saan-saan (in short, convenient)
Pag MAGANDA: dapat bantayan mo kahit saan

13. Pag PANGET: sa public places...ok lang, andyan lang sya....duh...
Pag MAGANDA: "ehem, hey, guys, she's my girlfriend, y'know pretty no?" sabay akbay

14. Pag PANGET: when asked y u chose her.... "pare, i love her bcoz she's really nice and she'll do everything for me"
Pag MAGANDA: "pare, do i have to answer ur question? it's obvious naman na, pare e"

15. Pag PANGET: pag na-a-attract ka sa iba... "Bat ka ba masyadong selosa? I was just looking!"
Pag MAGANDA: "Hey baby, don't be jealous na. U'r prettier naman e.

Credits to:

Otep ~ who reposted this stuff to his Blog:

Wednesday, November 12, 2008


A forwarded quote from my friend Emskilicious of CGGC.

Do you know what's the most painful thing in the world?
It's when BOTH OF YOU LOVE EACH OTHER and yet you couldn't patch things up.

Where's the pain?
~> It's when 1 decided to END it UP.
and the other
~> has NO CHOICE but to GIVE UP.

Monday, November 10, 2008

He's soo Important

Ugh. Another post for the day coz I really missed alot things to share

For the past two weeks, my bheibee is not calling over the phone and he just leave some offline messages. The last time we had been together was October 28. He saw my tight schedule and I can't go for a week with him every weekdays and weekends would be my rest day. Mixed emotions left on my messenger whenever I get online. I know my dear you'll be missing me if I can't go with you but I'll try to get a time just to spend it with you. Yah~ I miss you.... really.... I do.

One thing that I must say.. I know you've been starring my blog and reading it. I love you.

~ You're the most important person I ever had in my life. You might think you're not but it's a way wrong.

~ I love you soo much. You always brighten up my day. I know sometimes I'm pissed off but please try to understand and see the other side that I do really care for you.

~ If we have bad times. I can easily forget it. I just reminisce the memoirs we had been together.

~ You might think that I may not love you because of the words I put against on you. I just want you to be my man.... forever.

~ I'm always here for you...

Bheibee, please... I'm with you wherever you are. Last night, I'm crying at my dark room and thinking of you. Last last night, I have a difficulty in breathing due to the leaked gas I inhaled and all I think is ~ you're here beside me.

I have sort of conference with my friends and the topic is all about us. Bheibee.. you're soo important.


It has been awhile since I became so discreet and not posting at my blog. So many things had gone my way and I missed to share it here ;) Anyways. I got a problem with my schedule for this second semester but then I already get over with it.

For my schedule this sem is somewhat harsh and a little bit costy for me. By Monday and Wednesday, my first class would be 8-11am (EE Theory Lab) and a vacant for 1 hour to wait my next class and that is 12-1pm (Phil Lit), 1-2pm (Foreign Language), 2-3pm (Strength of Materials) and a 2 hrs vacant to wait my last subject 5-6pm (Thermodynamics I). MW Schedule is the same as Friday but it added 6-9pm (Computer System Organization w/ Assembly Language LAB). However, TTh Sched sounds relaxing coz I have only 2 subjects which is 9-10:30am (CSO w/ Assembly Language Lecture) another vacant for 10:30-12:30pm then proceed to 12:30-2:00pm (Differential Equations).

When vacant time approaches me, I can't control myself buying foods, strolling at National Bookstore to see the Fiction Book Sections, and other chitchats with my old classmates and friends at the Library and/or Adamson CS Walkway.

It seems that some of my subjects deals about racial memoirs ~ hopefully I can make it again ;)

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