Sunday, January 17, 2010

Jade Dynasty Ascension

I tried to download Jade Dynasty Ascension Client on my Netbook,.
after an hour, here it goes:

then, after installing the game client, it directly linked me to Registration Page at And so, I tried to create an account so that I can explore the 2 new factions and test my Netbook if it can handle a high graphic MMORPG client. sarcastic_hand.gif

Unfortunately, it says:
Disabled Region
Our sincerest apologies, we cannot provide service to players in your region or to players using open proxies.
Please contact support at to resolve this issue.

Bad thing our country is blocked from US-West, US-East and in Europe servers..

Anyways, here's the Launcher:

and the Log In Portal from the server..
I noticed that there are 2 channels (or if I'm mistaken, It's a 2 Server.. whatever...)
as you can see from the Screen-shot--there's a separate Channel/Server for PKers

The Billows
The Wildlands PVP

So, I'm wondering if ZX PH will have a separate channel/server for PvP when Ascension came.

But, based from the experiences of my foreign-friend, She told me that a lot of players were complaining about it because they had PvE and PvP Channels.It sucks when BH is in PvP Channel. Well I guess, it's not a channel anymore, instead they create 2 separate Servers. One for the PK-Free Server and Normal Server.

Weeeeee.. Can't wait for ZX PH Ascension.


feby said...

still no news about the said ZX PH Ascension? :)


how can fix it? plssss help

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