Saturday, January 31, 2009

ZX Online Test Video

Ok. I made a video last night and I just asked somebody in my Guild to be my partner upon making this video cause my real partner (boyfriend) - zOYTie is not playing online games anymore. *Reminiscing Twilight Movie* Oh Well. This is just a test.

So.. Here's a video that I made

Thursday, January 29, 2009

Jinx Day

There were 4 incidents I've encountered this Thursday. Ok. The story is:

1. I woke up late 11am. My first class would be 9-10:30 (Computer System Organization w/ Assembly Language) -then 2hours vacant and the last class is 12:30-2pm (Differential Equations) Dang! If I would be going to school ~ I might waste my time and money because I finished taking a bath at 12:22 and taking a ride to go to our school takes 1hr. And so, I called my bheibee Jerome that I wouldn't be able to go to school this day coz I'm very very late. *redundant* lol.

2. I'm riding in a Jeepney going to Guadalupe.. 3 kilometers away from our house, a public occurrence happened to our trip. lol. Sort of passengers from other vehicles were running out as though they were trying to save their lives. Hahahaha! Sounds funny huh?! Coz the transformer at the electric post will be going to explode when actually it already exploded! Damn!

And so, the jeepney driver in our vehicle that we were in riding began to panic. He wanted to go back again and find another route just to avoid the dangerous way. Oh. lol.

3. Next trip would be riding a Bus going to Ever Gotesco Mall then ride tricycle to go to my bheibee's home at VF Homes Quezon City. Ok~ This is how it goes: The bus that I was riding stopped over in a gasoline station near at Cubao area. The conductor told us to go down and ride on the other bus because their cable has a problem. Fuck! What-a-day.

4. No water supply at Aurora St. VF Homes on that day. Hahaha. The good news: My bheibee's neighbor has a water stock on their drum.

Thursday, January 22, 2009

Water Fountain Fail

Wahahahaha! Look at this one.. Again, another plurkers on my plurky friends shared this funny greeny photo. So, i'll share this one to my friends and blog it. Well, It just look like a dick fountain. Nyahahahaha!

See? Hahahaha! I hope I made your day! :D

Tuesday, January 20, 2009


Notepad. Yes.. I'm doing free typing on my notepad.. Whatever that comes to my head, I'm keying in it.

love. heart. broken. sadness. emptiness. die. suffer. awkward. death. examinations. quizzes. ee theory. fail. succeed. cd. computer. reformat. chat. ym. tuition fee. window. pop up. friend. bitch. water. peace. whore. money. sex. labels. stickers. orange. fruit. ok. zx. online game. game master. singing. laughing. typing. keyboard. mouse. bed. charger. cellphone. classmates. tomorrow. wake up. dance. goodbye. twilight. love. ideal. book. author. my story. life. famous. maze. hero. letters. poems. red. colors. layouts. players. flirt. kill. torture. past. rich. USA. brain. forgot. internet. crack. windows xp. scotch tape. scissors. papers. notebook. assembly language. program. software. graduate. masteral. future. doctoral. debts. jealousy. selfishness. family. curse. pain. wound. eyes. blurred. sickness. PCOS. surgery. buzz. music. card. backspace. log out. laughters. children. pateros. egg. itchy. mosquito. glass. active. sit. fat. lazy. naughty. talkative. abstract. monitor. adjustment. speed. grades. blog. end. meeting. groups. conversations. vent. chocolates. girlfriends. boyfriends. issues. malicious. buy. tag. country. population. corruption. president. end of the world. impossible. teen summit. ego. pride. itchy. eyebrow. car. drive. knock. american. spanish. language. nihonggo. classes. fat. hairy. extra. ordinary. nonsense. fine. whatever. sleep. kisses. denial. dial. phone. tv. gadgets. new. modern. movies. etc.

Ok. those are the things that flashing out on my cranium. I don't know what psychological explanation it takes. I'm crazy at the moment. Mix emotions. etc.

It seems that I want to be left alone in a calm and placid place so that I can reflect, concentrate and take a rest. I can't lean anybody cause "who am I to them?" -- I'm just only an ordinary person who dreams for something that I want to have though it's impossible. Day Dreaming. Fantasies. Stories. Whatever.


Sunday, January 18, 2009

Gift Gadget

Oh. My Bheibee Jerome gave me this brand new Nokia cellphone yesterday. Actually, I'm not into material stuff -- It just happened that this one is a gift for me ♥

Thank you so much. I like it.
Unit: Nokia XpressMusic 5310
Color: Black and Red

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Feeling Cold?

Are you chilling? as if you're in other cold country? Can you remove your jacket and use sleeveless instead? Do you feel the cold air that touches your skin? Do you have to boil a water in the kettle before you take a bath? Do you want to take more sleep on your foamy bed?

Well.. You might think it's a typical season's weather. This is soo wrong! We are near to be in Ice Age. Sounds funny? Ok. I don't think if I'm in a normal condition to take things right now into serious matter. What the heck is going with me? I just feel the Global Warming. What? Come again? Global Warming? How do you say so freak? Haven't you watched the movie entitled as "The UnInconvenient Truth" by Al Gore? Do I have to tell stories again about the myths and misconceptions that surround global warming?

Am tired of this games... I know some people doesn't read much about environmental issues.. They are more on fashion, music and movie reviews, celebrity gossips and other kind of entertainment. duh. I don't want to be geek deity on my blog about environment but.. it's just like this.... How am I going to save the earth in a little way? Ugh. If you guys would be reading this stuff, hope you'll not make fun of me. No!! I'm not a freak. I'm not crazy. This is not a joke. Ok?

So, I've heard alot of news in the radio about some people dying in the cold weather... I saw articles at the internet about the ozone layers (NASA Report).... and even my classmate reminisce about the issue of December 21, 2012. Damn! That was obsolete although it's a hoax -- there's a point about "WE" need to take an action before it's too late. Who knows?!

To break the line... This is not a typical change of weather. It's clamoring the situation above and below the planet earth and the depletion of ozone layers due to the pollution made by abusive community and slack technology. Those icebergs were melting now... It seems like The Day After Tomorrow has something to do with the cold air nowadays experienced here in the Philippines... Oh my! Am I too exaggerated? Hahaha?! No!

See how the sun rays' slaps the glaciers or icebergs? taking back again the dear Lessons of Water Cycle: So as it melts, the liquid form evaporates *turns into gas*... Then, into condensation which is like to water vapor in the air gets cold and changes back into liquid, forming clouds. And so the precipitation occur when soo much water was being condensed that those air cannot hold anymore. When water falls back to earth as precipitation, it may fall back in the oceans, lakes or rivers or it may end up on land... There yeah go.. over and over again.

From that stuff, the concentration (dunno what kind of concentration it is-- forgot the term) is continuously increasing, take a look at the screenshot:

Year 2003 is already the hottest year among other years... oOohh!! What more for year 2010? We can't really feel how earth was really in vain. What if it reaches the ultimate point? We've gotta think what to do next.

Here's a simple question that I made (so far) for those people who are willing to revolt and help prevent Global Warming. Haha! I'm not Andres Bonifacio that runs through the line without any armors. It seems like I'm crying out at the stellar.
- How will you save the earth?
- How will you preach the earth's grievances?
- How will you protect your community?
- What if we only have 10 years left to live in the earth, what are you going to do as a person with different roles? Do you think you can change the curse?

It's not all about campaigning the end of the world. It's all about the truth that lies... massive destruction of our nature, financial crisis, wicked politics that presides over the country, climate changes... etc... See? So many things bursting out....

Let our minds be refreshed about the environmental issues... the reality the living earth.

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Morning Blog

Uhm... I woke up 4:54 in the cold morning of January 14, 2009 wooahh! So early huh?! Well, I get off on my bed and organize all the things that I need for my Wednesday class; separate my MWF notebooks away from TTh notebooks and put it in my blackbag, arrange all the things inside of it, picked up those scattered fiction books on the floor and prepare myself to take a bath. I went to the comfort room and wash my face, gurgle, and refresh a little.

Then, went to our canteen which is also our kitchen then put water on the kettle, put it on the stove and heat it. *chilling* Sooo cold... while waiting my water to boil, I bought a breakfast at Aling Manang's spaghetti. Haha! Aling Manang? I don't know her name but I know I'm her suki. lol. After eating.. there I go... take a bath.. Yey!

Clock his 6:12am and so I just finished all the morning routines. All I have to do now is to wait my father to come home...and ask for my baon. He wokes up early everyday cause he have to go to the wet market (4:00am) to buy meat, pork and other recipes needed to cook for our canteen which is our source of money. Yeah. At around 6:27am my father came home and he is here.. right now... Hahaha! He brought me breakfast...

Now, my mother is already awake too... Morning.. Oh morning... I have to go now to school.. Buhbye! See yah later for the next bloggadag.. I might blog why I was off for weeks.. ciao!

Saturday, January 10, 2009

Save Gokou!

Important Announcement :
Kailangan ni Son Gokou ng tulong para matalo c Majin Boo send this to your friends para matulungan c Gokou. Wag kang tumawa!! para ito sa kaligtasan ng planet earth!!. Itaas nyo mga kamay nyo para mkabuo ng spirit ball please.. wag kang tumawa! para to sa kaligtasan ng planet earth!!
(may nagpasa lang saken nian... ndi ko po imbento yan.. harhar..XD)

LOL! I'm in the state of exhaustion because I have sore eyes and sore throat when Yannie left some offline message at my YM. Though at first it's a common group message but then it's quite confusing then I started to read it. Hahaha!

I have sent this message to all of my friends at YM and now posted this one onto my blog. Hahaha! Let's save Son Gokou!

Friday, January 2, 2009

Web Hosting Solutions

Heavens to Betsy! I've been planning to posses my own website. Err. It's kinda or Oops! Don't Click yet! It's still void.

One of my friend, Tarry, given me this link:
She is hosting her site at Page.PH and the packages were economical. Hell Yeah.
And another Hosting Plan from
They were very great!!! I wanna grab one with unlimited features with dozens of FREE Add-On Applications.


Plus.... although my course - BS Computer Engineering deals with both Platform (Hardware and Software).. I still love web designing, graphics designing, and other multimedia arts. Ugh. It doesn't matter :)

I'd taken the screen shot for the Page.PH plan, and here it goes:

See GoDaddy's Plan: Link Here!

So, you have two good choices (GoDaddy and Page.PH)

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