Friday, January 2, 2009

Web Hosting Solutions

Heavens to Betsy! I've been planning to posses my own website. Err. It's kinda or Oops! Don't Click yet! It's still void.

One of my friend, Tarry, given me this link:
She is hosting her site at Page.PH and the packages were economical. Hell Yeah.
And another Hosting Plan from
They were very great!!! I wanna grab one with unlimited features with dozens of FREE Add-On Applications.


Plus.... although my course - BS Computer Engineering deals with both Platform (Hardware and Software).. I still love web designing, graphics designing, and other multimedia arts. Ugh. It doesn't matter :)

I'd taken the screen shot for the Page.PH plan, and here it goes:

See GoDaddy's Plan: Link Here!

So, you have two good choices (GoDaddy and Page.PH)


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