Thursday, January 29, 2009

Jinx Day

There were 4 incidents I've encountered this Thursday. Ok. The story is:

1. I woke up late 11am. My first class would be 9-10:30 (Computer System Organization w/ Assembly Language) -then 2hours vacant and the last class is 12:30-2pm (Differential Equations) Dang! If I would be going to school ~ I might waste my time and money because I finished taking a bath at 12:22 and taking a ride to go to our school takes 1hr. And so, I called my bheibee Jerome that I wouldn't be able to go to school this day coz I'm very very late. *redundant* lol.

2. I'm riding in a Jeepney going to Guadalupe.. 3 kilometers away from our house, a public occurrence happened to our trip. lol. Sort of passengers from other vehicles were running out as though they were trying to save their lives. Hahahaha! Sounds funny huh?! Coz the transformer at the electric post will be going to explode when actually it already exploded! Damn!

And so, the jeepney driver in our vehicle that we were in riding began to panic. He wanted to go back again and find another route just to avoid the dangerous way. Oh. lol.

3. Next trip would be riding a Bus going to Ever Gotesco Mall then ride tricycle to go to my bheibee's home at VF Homes Quezon City. Ok~ This is how it goes: The bus that I was riding stopped over in a gasoline station near at Cubao area. The conductor told us to go down and ride on the other bus because their cable has a problem. Fuck! What-a-day.

4. No water supply at Aurora St. VF Homes on that day. Hahaha. The good news: My bheibee's neighbor has a water stock on their drum.

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