Monday, January 1, 2007

Contact Me

Hi! If you would like to contact me, just send me an e-mail to the following addresses below. I'm not going to give my home address, telephone numbers, or any sort of confidential contact information unless I knew you and for important purposes only. I hope you understand what am I trying to say. Thanks :)

G-Mail Address:

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Or, you can post your comment here on this page.
I would appreciate your concern.


gonkyouka said...

hi zayt heheh daan lang po..

Camille le zAYTie said...

Wee... buti nalang nagkaroon ako ng comment LOL

jay said...

i would like to say after a 3hr wait here in the usa.I cant play the game at name has been taken by someone else and i dont like the new ways they set this up only two pvp realms now and im not sure i like this new way of thinking with this idea

Anonymous said...

hi. :) i would just like to ask if you know your follower banana freak in person?
thank you. :)

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