Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Feelings speak louder than explanations

This is the reason why I can't blog everything for the past few months. It's hard for me to explain what I really feel no matter how I explain every bit of it. I have so many drafts here in my multiply~ more or less it's 10 drafts; a blog entry that I want to post but still~ there's something missing... I'm not contented even they were too long.

I wonder if there's a program or a blog sites that can post their feelings. When I say feelings.. it's an individual's ability to express strong emotion. You'll feel how much pain and suffering of that person.

Love. Family. Politics. Studies. Health. Friends. and the undying Money problems.

Sunday, August 23, 2009

Time is soo Gold? lol

It was sooo fun to see those people in your Messenger that majority of them has a status message: Busy.

So lucky to have a 7:00pm-8:00pm class every Monday because I can still do a lot of things in preparation with my assignments and projects for 3 days. Hahahaha! Ugh! Not so haggard. I can bully my classmates anytime.LOL
Like this:

In addition with this, I also have a very spacious schedule on my spreadsheet. Hahaha! Yeah! It seems like I can do all the things I need to finish for 1 day. See my sched below:

Nagugulat nga yung iba kasi sobrang bongga daw ng schedule ko.. Hindi ko naman masisi kasi yung lang yung available na schedule na nilabas ng Registrar ng university namin @_@
Sometimes- pag break time ko na, nakakasalubong ko yung mga classmates ko
from other building. Hindi ko maipinta yung mukha nila kung ano nga ba talaga nangyayari sa kanila..

At Canteen, nagmamadali yung iba kumain, kasi may gagawin pa daw sila sa Logic Circuit -na napakahirap ng pinapagawa sa kanila ~ In which, they have to make a self or group-study.

I don't know if manghihinayang ako sa schedule na kinuha ko kasi there are pro's and con's of having a very long vacant. Yun nga, nakakabored. Hindi mo alam sa sobrang walang dapat gawin, nauubos pera ko sa pagkain - Well! Yeah! That's true.. That's why I almost spend my baon para lang sa pagkain.

Minsan sa sobrang haba vacant ko, nagiging mataas yung
percentage sa pagiging antukin ko.. Nagagalit na nga parents ko sakin kasi walang sawang pagtulog. Gosh! Now I know what's the cause of being obese. Hahaha!

Sometimes, I've been wondering how does it feel to have a very straight class schedule everyday. Oo nga't lunchtime ang start ng class nila, pero haller!!! bonggang bonggang walang hinto ang pagpasok ng lectures up to 8:00pm. Yung iba nga, kahit uwian na, nag-uusap usap pa sila sa CS Bench kung anong mga notes or any important things na gagawin for tomorrow.

Lalalalala..But I realized na.. I have to consider to give time to my parents. Nag-away kami ng papa ko just because of being an addict online gamer. He let me do whatever I want to do kasi pati s'ya na-bully ko.

Bad bad girl. Whoever reads this blog entry. Please do not waste our time just for fun or nothing because in the end, we'll suffer it. Kaya nga ako, kapag vacant ko.. ginagawa ko na yung iba sa library in-advance para hindi masayang yung mga free time.

Oh well.. That's all for today.. I really missed blogging. Sobrang hindi na ako nakakapag-update sa blogs ko.. Marami din kasi akong iniisip... Plans. Plans.. Imaginations.. Hehehe..


Monday, August 17, 2009

e-GamerGirls Club ~ Aftermath

Yesterday (August 16, 2009), we had a Conference for e-GamerGirls Club but it's really called as Focus Group Discussion.

Oh well... We started the meeting around 4:30pm and the agenda was actually all about e-GamerGirls Club Constitution which is the heart of the Club because it explains and monetize the eGamer Girls Community.

Me and Community Game Master Hope (CGM Hope) were the Speaker. CGM Joy and Community Manager Sefie (CM Sefie) also helped us through sharing their thoughts and plans for the upcoming event of eGamerGirls. Focus Group Discussion would not be completed without the participation of the Senior Members and newly recruited members.. and most of all our New Honorary Members' Alodia and Ashley Gosiengfiao.

In addition, all of us in the meeting had given the chance to introduce ourselves; the game we usually played; our purpose in joining the club and our expectations. It's fun. It's fun. Online Gaming concerns, on-ground and in-game events plans. Pictorials. Chismax. Haha. Fun - Fun - Fun. The food also - Jollibee :)

Woah! The Male Game Masters also hopped inside after the meeting. They are very helpful *in terms of capturing us a pictures* lol. CGM Vrael, PapsB, Tsong, Tsip, Dude and PM .. (forgot the name of the Production Manager).. Haha! na-StarStruck sila sa meeting. As usual :p

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