Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Labret Piercing

I was just browsing the internet awhile ago about piercings below the lips( somehow near to the chin). I really like to have this one, and there it goes. Here's the picture:

Looks cool right? Maybe this January 2010, I might go to a Piercing Parlor and let my chin punch some. LOL!

Labret Piercing is teh lurveeee <3

Sunday, December 20, 2009

To Pursue the Book

Something I Could Never Have

by Camille Layugan

Cassandra, an ordinary girl who wants to exist and allot memories before her final destination approach her life.

A promise that should end to a long term goal but fall without anything to mark.

Her fate is already in her hands, but she never look back on it.

There’s something missing in her life wherein she doesn’t even know how to put the piece on it.

Here’s the list of the chapter and its description. (Flow of the story)



Mourning Daylight

In this chapter, it will introduce the devastated Mt. Pinatubo who gives the greatest impact for Olongapo Residences. (Wealth, Prostitution, Environment)



The main character of the book. Her dreams, quotations and the start of her story.


Balance Beam

In this chapter, it will compare the different views of Rich and Poor people. The modern way of living.


Erudition Process

Facing the reality of Education, people around the administration, controversy and foes.


First Sight

Cassandra met the wrong guy. Stupidity of love. Wrong turns.


Stage of Regression

Intense feeling of an ordinary people who wants to achieve everything in her hand.


Family Fraud

Problems, reality, failure and overcome. Jealousy, unfair things and blind justice.


History Repeats

Cassandra started to write a book. Famous people. Paparazzi. Trying hard to be a superstar. Fooling the world.


The Bachelor

Cassandra was left in vain.


Toss Coin

Without the man you love but you have to move on. Karma replies to the curse.



There’s no happy ending. The start of emotional stress. The Core of Something Cassandra could never have.



Revenge shall fall to everything.


The land of Pictures

Cassandra went to Italy and started to work as a photographer.



A book to read. The last resort of Cassandra’s Promise.


Nature’s Curse

Generation had gone our way and needs to end. Ignorance will lead to death.

I could hardly believe that I'm doing this. It has been a year since I wasn't able to continue my story. A friend told me that I lost my inspiration that is why it became a crap.

Oh well.. You might think that I'm a wanna-be, but I dare you! Understand first why it was made before you bark against me.

In time...

I will..

Thursday, December 17, 2009

Happy 3rd Monthsary

18th day of September and it's also Friday like today...



and now, It's December...

I've been silent for the past three months.. and I know it's quite difficult to leave the past behind and start for a new beginning.

Sometimes when I'm alone, there are so many things that reminds me on how I got those scars in my heart.The shattered pieces of my sentiment were still bleeding and asking for remedy. I keep on running away from obscure past and still haunted up until now.

I wrote a blog today because I'm celebrating my 3rd monthsary since I fell down in a cruel manifestation.


The scenery of a slack painting is already expunged and dead. I want to bring back the sketch but it seems like it's pointless to do it. Why would I fix again the crumpled and torn paper when there are many chance to fulfill new creations.

Yes. Sometimes I miss the moments when we're both happy together but it's disturbing when the side of it were paralyzed. It's not healthy though..

Ok.. nevermind...
Nothing compares...

Let the world rotate until the cycle of life find its ways that there's another direction to move on.

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