Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Morning Blog

Uhm... I woke up 4:54 in the cold morning of January 14, 2009 wooahh! So early huh?! Well, I get off on my bed and organize all the things that I need for my Wednesday class; separate my MWF notebooks away from TTh notebooks and put it in my blackbag, arrange all the things inside of it, picked up those scattered fiction books on the floor and prepare myself to take a bath. I went to the comfort room and wash my face, gurgle, and refresh a little.

Then, went to our canteen which is also our kitchen then put water on the kettle, put it on the stove and heat it. *chilling* Sooo cold... while waiting my water to boil, I bought a breakfast at Aling Manang's spaghetti. Haha! Aling Manang? I don't know her name but I know I'm her suki. lol. After eating.. there I go... take a bath.. Yey!

Clock his 6:12am and so I just finished all the morning routines. All I have to do now is to wait my father to come home...and ask for my baon. He wokes up early everyday cause he have to go to the wet market (4:00am) to buy meat, pork and other recipes needed to cook for our canteen which is our source of money. Yeah. At around 6:27am my father came home and he is here.. right now... Hahaha! He brought me breakfast...

Now, my mother is already awake too... Morning.. Oh morning... I have to go now to school.. Buhbye! See yah later for the next bloggadag.. I might blog why I was off for weeks.. ciao!

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