Tuesday, January 20, 2009


Notepad. Yes.. I'm doing free typing on my notepad.. Whatever that comes to my head, I'm keying in it.

love. heart. broken. sadness. emptiness. die. suffer. awkward. death. examinations. quizzes. ee theory. fail. succeed. cd. computer. reformat. chat. ym. tuition fee. window. pop up. friend. bitch. water. peace. whore. money. sex. labels. stickers. orange. fruit. ok. zx. online game. game master. singing. laughing. typing. keyboard. mouse. bed. charger. cellphone. classmates. tomorrow. wake up. dance. goodbye. twilight. love. ideal. book. author. my story. life. famous. maze. hero. letters. poems. red. colors. layouts. players. flirt. kill. torture. past. rich. USA. brain. forgot. internet. crack. windows xp. scotch tape. scissors. papers. notebook. assembly language. program. software. graduate. masteral. future. doctoral. debts. jealousy. selfishness. family. curse. pain. wound. eyes. blurred. sickness. PCOS. surgery. buzz. music. card. backspace. log out. laughters. children. pateros. egg. itchy. mosquito. glass. active. sit. fat. lazy. naughty. talkative. abstract. monitor. adjustment. speed. grades. blog. end. meeting. groups. conversations. vent. chocolates. girlfriends. boyfriends. issues. malicious. buy. tag. country. population. corruption. president. end of the world. impossible. teen summit. ego. pride. itchy. eyebrow. car. drive. knock. american. spanish. language. nihonggo. classes. fat. hairy. extra. ordinary. nonsense. fine. whatever. sleep. kisses. denial. dial. phone. tv. gadgets. new. modern. movies. etc.

Ok. those are the things that flashing out on my cranium. I don't know what psychological explanation it takes. I'm crazy at the moment. Mix emotions. etc.

It seems that I want to be left alone in a calm and placid place so that I can reflect, concentrate and take a rest. I can't lean anybody cause "who am I to them?" -- I'm just only an ordinary person who dreams for something that I want to have though it's impossible. Day Dreaming. Fantasies. Stories. Whatever.


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