Tuesday, January 12, 2010

In Loving Memory of PC

I couldn't hardly believe that this will come to an end. The one you had given the most of your time will left you behind. The knowledge she had shared to me is priceless; the joy has no limit, she just made me happy as if there's no tomorrow. And yes, staying awake late at night till the sunshine arises.

Sometimes, when I'm sad and feel that I'm unwanted, she's there for me to lean on... She gave me her keys with different advices, different alternatives to search on.. We've been together for more than two years. I know there's also a time that we fought when it comes to lag and delay of communication in Virtual world. Good times and bad times...

Because of her, I wouldn't explore the happenings of Universe... I wouldn't be able to meet people with different diversity. She showed me reality and magical scenes. Awesome right?!

She'd been my best PC forever. She's one of a kind.

In loving memory of
(July 2007 - January 2010)
Rest In Peace.

My computer suffered Black Screen of Death. It was often known to occur in connection with attempting certain operations while networking drivers were resident in memory.

I witnessed her death, the pain she felt before her system took off. We just started to play Online Game when I went home from school late at 6pm... We we're grinding so that my character's level will boost up. There was silence. She never responded me.. and so I ended my Client task.However, I saw some blue bruises on her screen... It's like a scratches and suddenly she flared up. I'm shocked and I was starring her until she collapsed.

I also did my part.. trying to revive her, but suddenly, I failed to do so. I restarted her system over and over again, but nothing changed. I found out that, she'd been ill for more than a months. I thought she was fine and my prediction was wrong removing her medicine will also affect her health although she keeps on resisting the pests.

Her Memory Card and Graphics Card collide each other..

Right now, I'm here at my Cousin's Computer Cafe. I'm still hoping for a second chance to revive CAMILLE001. We'll be troubleshooting her when customers are gone.

I don't want to loose her. She's the best PC I've ever had.

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