Monday, November 10, 2008


It has been awhile since I became so discreet and not posting at my blog. So many things had gone my way and I missed to share it here ;) Anyways. I got a problem with my schedule for this second semester but then I already get over with it.

For my schedule this sem is somewhat harsh and a little bit costy for me. By Monday and Wednesday, my first class would be 8-11am (EE Theory Lab) and a vacant for 1 hour to wait my next class and that is 12-1pm (Phil Lit), 1-2pm (Foreign Language), 2-3pm (Strength of Materials) and a 2 hrs vacant to wait my last subject 5-6pm (Thermodynamics I). MW Schedule is the same as Friday but it added 6-9pm (Computer System Organization w/ Assembly Language LAB). However, TTh Sched sounds relaxing coz I have only 2 subjects which is 9-10:30am (CSO w/ Assembly Language Lecture) another vacant for 10:30-12:30pm then proceed to 12:30-2:00pm (Differential Equations).

When vacant time approaches me, I can't control myself buying foods, strolling at National Bookstore to see the Fiction Book Sections, and other chitchats with my old classmates and friends at the Library and/or Adamson CS Walkway.

It seems that some of my subjects deals about racial memoirs ~ hopefully I can make it again ;)

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