Friday, November 28, 2008

Sickness Adventures :(

Thursday afternoon, Me and Ginnie went to Adamson ST Canteen and decided to buy Shake with Ice Cream on top :) Yummy... After that, I bought Big Yemma hahaha! Sweets.. Then Thursday Night, I'm very obssesed in drinking cold coffee, cold water ... cold..cold.. cold liquiors.. Wooo.. As if I was refreshened up

Friday, 9 in the morning when I woke up, I can't talk and it seems that my tonsil is painful. Still lying on my bed, hugging my pillows. I have a very cloggy nose I feel that I'm almost near to have flu.

Since we have an alternate schedule in Philippine Lit., and our professor in Nihonggo is not around, my class will start at 2:00pm. So I still have time to take a rest and wake up again at 11am.

I depart from my house at 12:30 noon and Duh! "Tanghaling tapat!" My Gosh! It's to hot outside and I'm not feeling well. I ride a jeepney upto Guadalupe then walk upto Guadalupe MRT Station and ride again the trolly upto Edsa-Pasay-Taft Station then walk again upto LRT Station then rides again the trolly until I reach UN Avenue Station then walk again from Masagana ~ Adamson Walkway ~ cross the road ~ CS Building. Omg! As if I was dying.

When I reached 2nd floor, Dora and Angel saw me, they said that I'm pale.
Dora: "Camille.. bakit ang putla putla mo? pinagpapawisan ka pa."
Angel: "Oo nga, bakit anong nangyari sayo?"
Moi: "Grabe! nilalagnat ata ako, sh*t! ang init! pasok na tayo sa classroom para malamig!"

See?! and that's what all I got now. I'm sooo sick and tired. I have a tonsilitis and irritating cloggy nose. Wooo...

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