Monday, November 10, 2008

He's soo Important

Ugh. Another post for the day coz I really missed alot things to share

For the past two weeks, my bheibee is not calling over the phone and he just leave some offline messages. The last time we had been together was October 28. He saw my tight schedule and I can't go for a week with him every weekdays and weekends would be my rest day. Mixed emotions left on my messenger whenever I get online. I know my dear you'll be missing me if I can't go with you but I'll try to get a time just to spend it with you. Yah~ I miss you.... really.... I do.

One thing that I must say.. I know you've been starring my blog and reading it. I love you.

~ You're the most important person I ever had in my life. You might think you're not but it's a way wrong.

~ I love you soo much. You always brighten up my day. I know sometimes I'm pissed off but please try to understand and see the other side that I do really care for you.

~ If we have bad times. I can easily forget it. I just reminisce the memoirs we had been together.

~ You might think that I may not love you because of the words I put against on you. I just want you to be my man.... forever.

~ I'm always here for you...

Bheibee, please... I'm with you wherever you are. Last night, I'm crying at my dark room and thinking of you. Last last night, I have a difficulty in breathing due to the leaked gas I inhaled and all I think is ~ you're here beside me.

I have sort of conference with my friends and the topic is all about us. Bheibee.. you're soo important.

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