Monday, December 8, 2008

Computer Storage Management

Last time when were having a Lecture discussion about Computer Memory stuffs, our professor at Computer System Organization (CSO) with Assembly Language told us about their seminar in Storage Management.

Technology constantly changing, new innovations and other upgrades were on the line. As of today's generation, many programmers, network engineers, animators and designers are on the Computer or Technology Industry.

Now, as you can observe, computer specifications are getting higher and the computer memory is extending as well. For example, Pentium II 256MB in RAM is sufficient enough but now, it is more recommended to have an above system requirements.

See? For this matter, the world really in-need of Storage management. Programmers or developers are already obsolete. The scenarios of having a 250GB hard drive is not good anymore, but, 1TB leads it's way.

In some places who are not literate in terms of Storage Management, they really have to focus and work with it. Who knows? Year 2012? How would a system can handle the world? @_@

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