Friday, December 19, 2008

Supposed to be .... then Friday with Zarah ♥

Supposed to be.... I would be hanging out with my AdU Classmates at Mall of Asia together with my Bheibee. Ugh. Sort of changes ruined the plan. Err.. I really hate it. I'm pissed off. Ok?

Those things made me mad when some of my bizarre classmate changed the venue which is Luneta Park. Duh??!! Shesh freakin' crazy.. Strolling at Luneta Park when the sun shines tooo hot? It must be silly. Then my boyfriend backed out cause of his weird pustule. Damn! ?!@%$

At 12:30 noon, I called Zarah over the phone just to ask - what makes her busy today.. But then, I just woked her up coz she's still shleefing. haha! Ooops! Sorry. Anyways, she told me that she would be going with her mommy, tita, and cousins at Market! Market! to stroll and shop for Christmas. Zarah asked me if I want to come with them. So I did.

By 3:00pm, she picked me up riding her Red car. Zzz.. Blah! Blah!

So many happenings had gone while shoppin in.. David Pomeranz have a Mall Tour and Free Concert. Zarah and her mom bought Dinning Table set. We eat at KFC. Let her 2 little cute cousins play at the playground. Her mom went to grocery. Stroll. Look for cellphones. Blahblah! Buy gifts for my parents. While walking, we saw our 2 classmates in PCS: Marga and Alexis. Then Zarah gave me a christmas gift - she was asking me of what would I like to have... then it was a book. Thanks to her. She's so kind and loving friend.

I enjoyed my friday with her. Oh! I'm sorry I wasnt been able to buy her a gift. I'll just give it on Christmas. Hehehe.

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