Sunday, December 7, 2008

I'm back!

I don't have internet connection since Friday because Globelines' Cabinet at Makati Area was under restoration WTF! and now, the connection resumed at 5pm.

Err... I'm back to blogging, Online Game Updates and other Researches for my school stuffs. For last Saturday happenings, my Girlfriends-Groupmates in Computer System Organization had been here ~ were 5 in the group *including me* but they were only 3 who went here (Belle, Dora and Ginnie), Angel wasn't able to come because she can't. LOL. @_@ We do foodtrips and continue C++ Programming...

Yesterday ~ Sunday, I woke up at 2pm then continue my Chapter 1 Story at MS Word, then me and my mom went to SM Megamall for strolling at 5pm then have our dinner at KFC then stroll again ... then bought chocolates (wooo!) then late in the evening, me and my bheibee Jerome talked over the phone until 5am

Then, as for today, I woke up 4 in the afternoon and helped my parents at our Canteen... Then I saw at the Computer Shop beside our canteen that they already have an internet that's why I quickly went home to check my E-mails and now I'm doing the Blogging thingys..

That's all the happenings of my life for the past 3 days when I was off @_@


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