Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Don't FOOL

My besfriend in high school ~ visited me here at my home sweet home. At the same time, I made her a Corporate Website for their retail business proposal.

While doing some stuffs on my computer; I scared her @ PeterAnswers, let her watch Tales of Terror - (Full Length Mirror) and let her sing the Jingle Bell Reversed.

Until we talked about our memories in High School ~ teh stupidity ~ teh flirts ~ teh bullies ~ teh wannabes ~ teh genious ~ teh teacher's pet ~ teh rumors ~ et cetera .

Focusing to one person; A girl who always escape for everthing just to cover her real identity. Brags everything about herself ~ Laugh at people ~ feels like a meangirl . I wonder there are many students who hate her ~ some call her as a looser with a smelly and hairy armpit. whattaninsult.

As time goes by, people really change. The GOOD News: This girl changed everything physically; The BAD News: Her attitude is still the same. No more. No less.

I feel pitty to her new friends who doesn't know the real - SHE. I must say, please do not fool around. Do not hide who you really are. Don't brag alot and feel like you're the only girl who rips other hear out. Doing everything ~ Using flowery words just to escape the darkest side of yours? O_O Gosh. I know she is afraid that maybe someone will reveal her real identity that is why she uses other people and act like someone else. I know ~ I should not care. But Please I want to remind that soul to show who you really are... Don't fool around. It's a sin to lie ~ a sin to God ~ a sin to yourself ~ a sin for everything.

Time will come. You'll pay.

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