Monday, April 6, 2009

Some Freak AdU Classmates

OK. Readers. Classmates. Friends. and other People:

This is the moment that I'll be posting a ram shackled blog entry. LOL. Now. This is dedicated to my (SELECTED) classmates in Adamson University.

1. You know who you are damn futile biatch!

2. KARMA is always there.

3. Time will come:
Your skin will be pealed off by Satan and dip you in an extremely hot pot containing obtuse spices. Then your heart will be ripped off as well as your internal organs brutally.

I curse you in the name of evil.

Any objections?
Feel free to comment.

Ooops. Sorry if I'm not posting some blog entries for the past few weeks regarding to my life and other Aftermath events. Ngaw. I'm busy doing some stuffs like Web Designing, hmmm.. etc.

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