Friday, February 6, 2009

What Not To Do When Meeting Her Parents

What not to do when meeting her parents ~a friend of mine from ZX Online shared me a video about Dating/Relationship chuvaness stuff. He's AznHacks. Oh Well.. This video is endearing ~why don't you try to watch it?

So, I just copied some line to sum up the vid.

She maybe wild at the bar, naughty in a sack.. but in daddy's house, she's a good girl..
So here's some quick tips for making sure you can handle things right when you meet her parents.

1. Don't Hit on her MOM.
Don't treat her MOM like one of your Girl Friend.
Your Job is to be charming.. But excessive flirty is tacky..
Respectful handshake and Polite conversation.

2. Keep your hands to yourself.
Keep things as G-Rated.

3. Don't Bring up Controversial Topics
~ General Topics such as

4. Don't Complain about the Food.
~ Eat what you can and pretend that is good.
~ Compliment the cooking and Remember this is her Mom's table

5. Don't Undersell your Career

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