Friday, February 13, 2009

Starving for Popularity

Some people tries hard just to be unique. Tries to be the utmost palpable whore. Grave for more glory. Hail them as if they were the deity of this material world. Geesh. I know, you guys already experienced these kind of people who stuns others' feet.

"Omg. Even in round table, messenger and any other sort of cyber communication, I'm always the topic! I like it!"
- Shut the fuck up! Don't you know they were just having fun being "you" as their main discussion. You suck coz you thought you stole their nerves.

"I'm always linked to other guys.. Gosh! I'm soo beautiful!"
- Nah! You're a bitch!

"Ahm.. Can't you see me? Am the only lassie who attended the jamboree!!"
So do you want a title in Guinness Book of Record?

"Hey madam! Please interview me so that my name can be seen to your Official Site!"
Wow! Effortless.

"Hail me please.. I'm unique! I know everything.."
Aaaa Whaaat?!

Oopps... This is a sarcastic version. lol. So, if you'll gonna ask me if who is that girl that I'm referring to... Err. It's a blind item. I don't care if she'll be forayed. I guess I already fed her tru this kind of blog entry coz hell yeah ~ she's fucking starving for popularity.

I saved her slack soul!

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