Monday, February 23, 2009

Skydiving - Kokology

Last time, when I was in e-Games office for Girls' FGD, me and my fellow e-gamergirls had a game about Self Discovery together with Ms. Jessa. Bianca and Nomi were the leader. They narrate a situation and ask us on what are we going to do.

Take Note: Before reading the questions PLEASE DO NOT CHEAT. DO NOT Read the KEY to Sky Diving. Be Honest with your answers. Have fun!

1. You have decided to try skydiving and are getting ready to make your first jump. You watch other skydivers free-falling through the air as you stand on the ground waiting your turn. What is going through your mind?

2. Your turn arrives and you ready yourself as the plane climbs to 10,000 feet. Without looking back, you stand at the open doorway and step out into space. What do you scream on your way down?

3. You've landed safely and are hauling in your chute when you see an instructor approaching and calling out to you. What is the instructor saying?

Ok. Here's the key of your answers.

Key to Skydiving

1. The way you felt as you waited your turn provides a measure of your own level of sexual desire.
Sometimes it feels just right. "This is gonna be fun. I can't wait!"
If you're not sure you're ready, maybe you should just have a deep conversation and cuddle by the fire. "I don’t know if I can go through with this."

2. The words you shouted on your way down are what you would say at the peak of excitement.
"Wow, look at this view!" You may not mind the intrusion on your privacy, but you'd better ask your partner first.
"Maybe this wasn't such a good idea after all." There is such a thing as a point of no return.
"I want my mommy!" Um, lets just say you have some deep psychological issues to work out and leave it at that.

3. The words the instructor said to you are what you imagine your partner saying after sex.
"Not bad for a beginner! Don't worry, you'll get better with practice."
"Oh, I'm really sorry, I left the lens cap on the camera. Do you want to go again?"
"Well, I guess that about does it. Now, will that be cash, check or charge?"

However, on my part. Here's my crazy answers:
1. I feel nervous. Soon to pee on my pants.
2. It seems that I'm coming out (referring to my pee) "It's coming outttt!!!!!"
3. "You're so cute."

Dang! >_> Whattananswer. lol.

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