Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Anything but Ordinary

(Feb. 12 - 3am) Ok. Again, I'm back. So what now? What's with me after a weeks of being absent in blogging? Uhm. Nothing so special, still the same - anything but Ordinary.

(Feb 12 - 6pm) See the time I started to write this entry? It's 3am but I didn't know what to put on that's why I stopped typing then resume this draft today... 6:20pm. Lazy huh?! It seems like my mind was blocked. Fuck that. Sounds crazy. Annoying. I dun kno.

What the heck am I trying to point out? I said I'm just anything but ordinary. I sleep. woke up. open my computer. afk. take a bath. eat. brb. play online games. surf the net. check my blog. chat with my friends. talk to my boify over the phone. go to school. listen to professor's freakin castigation. hang out with classmates. go home. sleep. eat. skim notes. study lightly. computer.. That's all. Nothing Special with me. Everything's ordinary.

Wow. Nice. Omg. After 15 hours of skipping this draft... I can type now. Funny to think this is how I blog myself. Weird? Maybe yes. Maybe no. I dunno.

So far, It's foundation week in Adamson University. Irregular classes. I tend not to attend my classes because professors are busy in college - departments' activities. I'll waste my time standing by at school. It's good to take a rest at home and be a bum. lol. So, by Monday - back to regular class. I will see my distilled classmates and buckled professors. Shut up. lol.

However, I dumped myself on a street last time (4pm).. My knee is aching. I have a scratch.. ouch. I'm stupid coz I hurriedly turned back and ran -- and so I fell down.

Now, it's 6:35pm, night stalks again. Still boring. *yawning*

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