Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Something I Could Never Have

Filipino Writers. My Inspiration :)
While I was plurking around, I saw Ashley Gosiengfiao that she's designing a book cover for the Little Prince. Haha~

Then I tried to make one and started to imagine again. lol. Dreams. Dreams. Dreams. I wanted to be a famous writer someday but I think it would never come across to my life. Actually I already made a story about my life and it was characterized by another persona. lol.

Why "Something I Could Never Have"? As you can see, almost all of my social networking sites (blogger, plurk, twitter, multiply,..etc.) were entitled as "Something I Could Never Have"; It's because everything I wanted is impossible to happen. In my life, I have so many things to share-- experiences. thoughts and most of all my own quotable quotes. Hahaha~

Bob Ong is one of my favorite Author as well as Laurel Doud :)

So, I just wanna share you guys and gals that this picture that I uploaded in this blog will someday be published here in the Philippines.

But there's something missing which I don't know where I could find it in my life :(


kaisuke said...

the cover is really pretty zay :)

Camille le zAYTie said...

Thanks for reading my blog :)

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