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ZX Online: My Journey to Immortality

Ok. Here's a response for my friend's blog: A Farewell Letter to my dear friend

Actually, this blog entry was supposed to be posted on the day I left my Clan, Lotus, and transferred to Fatality a few months ago. This really isn’t a big deal… at least for me. We have different perceptions in life as well as in virtual life, right?

"Opinions are like wristwatches...
Everyone watches shows at a different time from others, but everyone believes that their time is correct."

I don’t really know the reason behind Lotus and Fatality being rival clans in the history of Zhu Xian Online PH.

Here's the timeline of my Journey to Immortality:

(December 2008 - April 2009)

Before ZX Online entered its closed beta phase, I was a Cabal player and was part of an all-girl gamer guild known as Cabal Girl Gamers Club. When ZX started its CBT phase, I joined a guild which was supposedly named after one of the members of that club named XIII.

I went on enjoying the company, chatting with friends and clanmates alike, sharing quotes and jokes undyingly. I never did have any bad experiences with them since being with them alone was exuberantly fun already. That is, until the clan itself disbanded due to the fact that 60 percent of these players were from other countries and their IP addresses ended up getting blocked as Jade Dynasty opened. Others quit waiting for updates for ZX Philippines and our clan master was too busy with his day job.

(April 2009 - Mid of July 2009)

Shao from the Lotus clan saw me grinding alone on day and decided to take me into his clan… or in ZX, family. However, after joining the Lotus Clan, he suddenly became inactive. Suing, however made my membership official. I enjoyed my stay even more after finding out that a co-member of the Cabal Girl Gamers Club (now known as the e-Gamer Girls Club), Mujitsu, joined in as well.

There weren’t any problems as well… aside from myself being quite the persistent overzealous kid from time to time hence Suing telling me off quite often. Being a brat much? Suing would always get mad at me whenever I chat frequently using all caps via caps lock, and spamming in both normal and clan chat hence overlapping any important announcements he made. Although, whenever I needed help to level up, the clan/family would usually do so by letting me leech. It was pretty fun considering that I was like the baby of the so-called family until I met the people behind the characters of the Lotus Clan from both ZX and Perfect World.

I’ve never encountered having any enemies’ in-game… at least not the type of people who would fight over things that aren’t even worth fighting over. Frankly, I could care less about trash talks or brawling in-game. I’m not the PK-ing type of player; I’m more of a support type really, hence joining Heaven Sound Temple. I make love not war. Lol! I’ve always been a support type even in the previous games I’ve played considering my partner’s already a PK type as well as the fact that support classes are in-demand in parties since they need them anywhere they go. We’re practically medics! Lol!

Personally, I’m not too good in building characters. If ever I had to choose a PK-type, I’d probably make a pretty weak build. Remember, the strength of the character depends on the player behind it. You may have the strongest character class, but if the one using it isn’t that knowledgeable, then it’s pointless.

(Mid of July 2009 - Present)

I had my reasons for leaving the Lotus Clan. It’s not that I had any conflicts with anyone or because of Suing. Whatever reason you may think of, it doesn’t really matter. Unreasonable you say? Well, that’s up to you, haha!

These days, it’s imperative to use your head. A game’s a game. We play it and nothing else. If you think I’m going way out of line, well, that’s your opinion. Leaving a clan doesn’t mean leaving friends which is a rather childish yet funny insight amongst online gamers.

I joined Fatality later on. It was rather difficult to adjust considering that, aside from meeting new people, Fatality and Lotus were “Mortal Enemies”. Unfortunately, since I was a former member of the rival clan, I underwent a lot of scrutiny. I was even thought to be a spy. I mean seriously, what could I gain from being a spy? I’d be making a complete fool out of myself if I were.

Like I said, regarding the origins of the conflict, I never really knew and kept ignoring that it until I became curious as to why and how things became the way they were.

I spent quite a lot of time talking to micxzzz, FzEjhay, Whingski and other Fatalz members via Skype before. It was interesting to see things from different perspectives although no matter how much I learned, it still never answered my question. Later on, I learned that everything was “just a trip”. Honestly, it really doesn’t justify a conflict that cataclysmic in spite of the fact that conflicts usually start out that way in the world of online games… at least in this country anyway. To tell you the truth, it’s become a natural phenomenon for conflicts to start through tripping out on each other. PK-ing here, trash-talking there, insults coming from different directions. Ironically entertaining isn’t it?

This is probably the most important thing I’ve learned in playing online games, how to handle yourself in both real life and virtual life. It’s a lot more challenging than grabbing spots and killing player who are AFK (Away from the Keyboard). Hahaha!

The thing is, it’s the people around me are the one who deem me different. I know myself inside and out. I'm not different from them.

In time, people change.

Credits to GMPaps

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