Friday, July 4, 2008

Tell Me Cabal Dance --- lalala

At first, when Cabal Online is not yet being launched at Philippines.. There are numerous topic that was being discussed @ E-Games Forum about the rise of new MMORPG because they will be the one who will take charge for it. Well, many E-Gamers and other players are very excited and one thing that caught my interest (rather than to their Gaming Guides), and the topic thread was entitled as: "RAN Online dance VS. Cabal Online dance"...

There are debates between the said game. When I was playing my shaman in RAN, "Oye" (a code which when you typed it in the game, your character will dance) and this dance is used to tease co-players, a fun-time dance break, taunting dance as well as an expression (even in-game or in-real-life lol). In addition, you can easilly determine a person of what game he/she is playing if he says "..oye.." (hahaha! loool) But the step of this dance is really hard to follow.

On the other hand, I don't really have an idea of what does the dance of Cabal was really is as well as the background of the game. Since there are links in the thread about the Cabal dance, I checked it... Since this game was launched last May 2008 and my blog about the Game-Dance was too late, Now is the time I felt an addiction listening "Tell Me" by Wonder Girls.

When heard that song, it seems that I really liked it because of the groovy intro and it's chorus.. Eventhough I don't understand the lyrics because the band is from Korea (isn't it?) their language is hard to understand except a lost word "Tell Me" in their lyrics.., it still stuns me. ^_^

I also liked the Dance Steps.. It's somekinda easy for me to perform the steps but some part needs a smooth and soft aura of the body lol. Well, last few hours ago, I used to search in YouTube - the Tutorial in dancing "Tell Me" (Mirrored - so that I can follow the steps very well) and I do catched up the steps but needs a practice to perform it well ~smoothly and nicely >.<

As a matter of fact, I already downloaded a copy of that song and practice the steps... hhahaha..
I have a vision to join a competition soon in dancing the Cabal Dance when E-Games conduct an event.. hehehe..

Try to watch the video...

If you want to study the steps, Here's the link:
YouTube: Wonder Girls - Tell Me Tutorial

+ I also watched other people dancing "Tell Me" at the site... hehe! It's good to see them dancing, they are good! ^_^V Here's the Link:

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