Tuesday, May 20, 2008


Another thing had gone my way, and I'm very depressed...
You know the movie entitled as "Desperadas"?
Well if you will gonna watch the movie, you'll just say "that was one of the great story about Love"..

Their movie caption was: "All they need is love... but can these men give love?"
While I was watching the movie, my emotions burst me again...
"I need his love to kept me warm".. I'm wondering our very precious memories..
I always wanted to be with him forever..
I fight.

I fight for the love we had.
I fight for everything we had been for all the years..
Sometimes I let myself blind of all the things that he done to me wrong.
Forgive him. Love him. Love him. Love him.
Nothing else but to Love him.

In spite of all miserable things I had experienced, pain, sufferings just to love him...
I was taken for granted.
I mean, why is that -- The more you love, the more you hurt?
Just wondering.. There is a misconception of that saying..
It supposed to be, the more you love, the more you don't hurt.
But it was shown in the Bible that God showed loved for us and he had been hurt and died.

Would you imagine this:

You and your boyfriend, had been together for a years..
Whenever he had done wrong, you always accept him although it hurts you allot.
Then, you still love him so much.

For all you know, your love to him is enough..
But for him, it's too much..

You are dying because you love him..
You are suffering and crying because you don't want to lose him.
But still, he wants to dump you.. He wanted to escape..
He want to be free.. He wanted to get out of your relationship.

As a very kindhearted woman, you still love him..
He is also stepping off your reputation as well as your dignity.
Insulting you, making you jealous, putting you down..
In short, he is doing those stuff so that you'll give up the relationship..

But. You're still standing.. Fighting for your love.

My question:
"Would you do it the same as what I did?"

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