Saturday, July 5, 2008

Tripping Glamour

Well, after getting bored singing Karaoke in, my mom requested a video for Make Up.. I was amazed and decided to trip glamour. My Mom went upstairs and get her Make Up kits and make experiments on our face. My tita Milet also joined us as well as my cousin, Coleen (she's 8y.o lol).

Actually, I'm not very interested in glamour or any make overs in my face putting some glittery things and other beauty stuffs.. I'm just a fucking simple girl. lol. But then, I turned in the mood and tripped my face into something new and explore the Make Up world. Quickly I picked up some make up tools (should I call it tool? *ugh I dunno how am I going to say it??) on her kit and go to my bedroom and put some colors on my eyes, blush on, lipstick etc...

My tita said:
"Yan! Ok yan! maganda mata kaso nga lang ang labo, sayang make up kung magsasalamin ka lang.." Gosh! really? oohh.. As what I've said I'm a fucking *nerdy simple girl. lol.

While my mom said:
"Ganda ah! pwede na! kaso ang chaba mo, papayat ka para lalo ka maging maganda." omg. nanlait pa. >.<

and my cousin Coleen: "Ay, ang ganda, ako din! lagyan mo din ako! make-upan mo din ako ninang!" Ok! I'll do it later.. lol

But I end up having this kind of trip..

Here's my eye lol:

And here's my lalala tripped face. hehehe!

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