Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Canon 550D: My 1st DSLR

Ohlala!! I just bought my first ever DSLR in my entire fucking life.I really didn't expect that this gadget would be mine. Hell Yeah! I couldn't hardly believe it. This has been one of my dreams - to have a digital camera.. coz I wanted to take a souvenirs in different places. They said: A Picture is worth a thousand words...and I soo love it <3

Last night, I was exploring teh cam together with the help of the user manual. Taking pictures on my room. blah blah blah! It's fun.

Then, early this morning... I called my guy friend Thomas and asked something about my problem in shutter. He told me so many things on how to take care a DSLR. Yeah! It's super duper fragile. Omg! I should not be careless this time. This is not an ordinary cam anymore. lol. He also suggests me what is the best lens for the beginners. He explained about Auto Focus stuff, the Subject of the Photo, Tilting, Blur effects, Noise, and lotsa lotsa "photography terminologies"..

Oh dang! I've gotta need to learn more about the three MOST IMPORTANT things: Aperture, ISO and Shutter Speed. hohoho!

After in-taking his bit bites lectures, I said to myself: Uhmmm... Ok.. Please I need a tissue paper! I guess... ugh.. My nose is already bleeding!" *Looks for someone's help*.

Anyways, lemme share you my 1st ever newbie shots using my DSLR:

Also Thanks to Mr. Jhay Gamba for welcoming me to the World of Photography.
I just don't get why he said it was a GAS. rofl. Sorry I'm totally noob.

I hope that I'll be one of the best photographer someday.
Oh well.. time will tell if when. *chuckles*

Just learned that: Don't rush things, it will come to your life.

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