Monday, March 1, 2010

Tragic Love Story

There were Two (2) Rival Clans in Zhu Xian Empire; Lian Hua - Clan and Bing si Lu - Clan. However, through the unconditional love of Lu-Kun (zAYTie) and Feng-Bao (alphonse), they sacrificed their lives for the sake of Peace and Unity of their Families.

Our movie adopted "Shinobi" because it is a wonderful and tragic romance, with drama, action and fantasy. The story slightly recalls Romeo and Juliet, with the impossible love of two people that belong to enemy Clans / Family.

Credits to: Ring of Tragic Love (Anime Movie) and Somewhere by Within Temptations for the background Music.

Video is not possible without the help of Kiera, Xylver, JemEnzo and Exo for lending their voices.

Here's the embedded video:

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