Sunday, March 8, 2009

Featured Blog? Ugh. Wow?

I had been in my boyfriend's house just to spend our Sunday together.. and now that I got home, I sat on my computer desk and checked my mail and messenger: sort of E-GamerGirls Offline message and other crazy GMs from friends... Blahblah.. etc.

Ok. While I was surfing at the internet, I searched E-gamergirls at Yahoo Search Engine when the result doesn't exactly matched.

So.. Here it is:
  1. "For the love of money is the root of all evil: which while some coveted after, ... I was in e-Games office for Girls' FGD, me and my fellow e-gamergirls had a ga ... - Cached
  2. Site Description: This is my personal blog at Multiply. Date Joined: Nov 13, 2008 ... Girls' FGD, me and my fellow e-gamergirls had a game about Self Discovery ... - Cached
  3. Expect that I will be posting everything that happens to my life. ... Girls' FGD, me and my fellow e-gamergirls had a game about Self Discovery ... - Cached
  4. videos girls : The Place to Trade Videos and Pictures of Girls and Boys Shoeplaying and Showing their Feet The ultimate ... Free forum : E-Gamergirls Forum ... - Cached
Only in bold letter keywords just seem to be matched.. and my in-game name: zAYTie. lol. When I clicked the first result. I dunno how am I going to react.. Dang! My blog entry: "Money... Money... Money..." with a tagged "perception" is Featured Blog on Wordpress... weee...

I don't really trust myself because all blog entries have a barbaric English grammar. Hahahaha!!! I just type whatever that comes on my mind without using backspace and just hit enter. lol. This is how I write my entries: When I feel sad, depressed, inspired which is all depends on the situation. I know that I'm not a good writer 'cos of grammatical errors but I know I have an excellent idea.. Suddenly, I just can't freely express it. That's the bad thing.

Once again.. Ciao.

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