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Enemy at the Gates: Love is a Battlefield

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I watched this video last year ago at my bf's house.. Hell Yeah! My Bheibee Jerome have a good taste when it comes to Movies.

Oh Vassili Zaitsev (i <3 Jude Law.)... This legendary man rocks... I love his story.. I wish he's alive until now. lol. He's a great sniper in the history.. At first, he grew up in the foothills of the Ural Mountains. I remember he was just around age 5 or 8 when his grandfather taught him to hunt in the taiga, the nearby Siberian forest.

Sooner and later, when Vassili became a man, he remembered what his grandfather had taught him:
"The man of the forest is without fear."

He also joined the Red Army. He's just an ordinary soldier with no rank... but then, at the dangerous battlefield, his incredible ability has been discovered by Danilov, a ranked man. His assigned Job is perfectly matched to him. They became friends and promote him in rank.

He had a famous saying:
"Await the right moment for one, and only one, well-aimed shot."

But why does the title had a description saying "Love is a Battlefield"?
Though he is famous because of his talent which the army led to upright success, he is not literate - No Read. No Write. Vasily met a beautiful woman named Tania at Stalingrad.

Vassili and Danilov's attraction to Tania, which causes underlying tension between the two men amidst the chaotic atmosphere, especially when Tania finally chooses Vassili as her lover. This personal conflict comes to a head when Tania is presumed to be dead after being struck down by shrapnel.

As Vassili and Danilov hunt for König to avenge Sacha, Danilov laments his jealousy for Vassili and his disenchantment with the communist cause as a result. Danilov then exposes himself in a final act of friendship; allowing König to shoot him, revealing the major's position. König goes to inspect the body, assuming it is Vassili, but is quickly shot by Vassili.

Two months later, it is revealed that Stalingrad is liberated and Zaitsev finds Tania in a field hospital, safely evacuated and recovering.

Oh my!! I bet you watch the video....

So here's another movie review came from the internet:
*forgot the link source*

Enemy at the Gates is a story about the deadliest battle of World War II. For more than 5 months the people of Stalingrad were in desperate trouble. On August 23, 1942 the German Luftwaffe had pulverized the Soviet city with bombs dropped from a thousand planes. Relying on their normal blitzkrieg strategy, Hitler and his generals thought Stalingrad would quickly surrender. It didn't.

For the people of Stalingrad, it was more than an issue of "Enemy at the Gates." The enemy had moved in. But out of the Stalingrad rubble, a hero emerged to fight the enemy one at a time. Vasily Zaitsev, a Russian sniper, achieved 40 "kills" within 10 days. Legend has it that Vasily, accompanied by his friend Koulikov, fought a duel with Major Konig, a German sniper. Historians differ on whether the duel was real or a product of Soviet propaganda. What IS indisputable: Vasily Zaitsev was a sniper of legendary proportions.

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