Friday, November 19, 2010

Series of Draft

Hahaha! Finally. Hooray to me! I just started my blog again after a few months..
Yes, you got the point! I'm getting to be emotional again :D Well, you know, if someone is reading as I am pertaining to, I really wanted to write about myself how much pain I really feel..but I can't start because something blocks the circulation of my blood that rushes through my veins which keeps my heart aches....

(what now?)
--- Draft v.1

Ding! Ding! Ding!!!! Moving On... So yeah! We think one of the best things to do when dealing this kind of pain (Oops! I mean it).. is to feel it...

(sooo... then?)

--- Draft v.2!! Next next next..

Ok. I finally recovered but I don't have any fcking idea why my heart still aches!! Common!! Leave me alone please.... (I'm still thinking of what to type.... Freehand...)

---- Draft!!!!!! eeeww..

2:17AM, November 20... Grinding in Jade Dynasty MMORPG. Writing a blog... Ok.. I can feel again that my heart is aching.. I don't know.. Something's wrong with me.

---- Draftttttttttttttttttt........... next please O_O

My mom is sleeping beside me... Cos my computer is just here at the living room. Ok.. She's dreaming.. (i looked up at the ceiling. i saw a light.. yeah. there's a light)..

--- Huhuhuhu.. Draft!!!!!!!!!!

Now.. Actually. This blog is supposed to be entitled as: My Heart is Aching!! but I deleted it.. and renamed is as a Series of Draft.. because I don't really... fckingggggggggggg idea on how am I going to express my feelings!! I'm annoyedddddddddd.. I need someone to talk to.. to flirt with. to hang on.. to chit chat... to make me feel comfortable.. AARrrgghhh! I'm getting crazy.


--- Draft v.

Moved On (100.00% Passed!!)

But the question is: Heartache (100.00% Still Suffering)


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